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    Hi guys,

    I’m a new player to Asdivine Cross and I’ve maxed all my characters to Lv999. They have more than 50,000 MaxHP and 7,000 – 7,300 MaxMP. I’ve seen a picture or 2 posted somewhere in a thread that MaxHP is 99,999. So I tried giving HP and MP seeds to all characters but nothing changed. I’m still on the 1st play through (Normal End) route though.

    I was wondering if MaxHP and MaxMP can’t be increased after hitting Max Level, even with seeds?
    I’m hopin I won’t have to repeat level grinding.
    Any advise is very much appreciated.


    Huh? They work fine for me.
    Did you heal after using up your seeds? They increase only your Max HP/MP, current HP/MP stays the same.


    Oops, I forgot to heal 😳
    Yep, the seeds work fine now.
    I’m too used to the Current / Max format. :blush:


    one question.. can swoon transferable now?



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