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    training accelerator is insanely hard, any idea how to make it works until the highest floor? my highest floor is 611, and neo madaime curie became super saiyan 3 -_-

    at 511th floor, i assumed that super saiyan 3 curie has 50-60 millions HP, 20k Str , and 15k Spd.

    need 30 minutes to defeat her , geez..

    and i was defeated, by neo madaime curie (again) at 621th floor. and her stat was much worse..

    so i need help with my battle equip setting. anyone? sorry bad english

    MSG Commander

    Hey Crazychiq, I can’t help with training accelerator, but just wanted to say your English is fine.

    All your base are


    I can’t even make it past 12.  Same person killed me and I’m level 999 with 99999 health


    This training accelerator is garbage. I am on easy 2 of my characters have max hp, a third is just over 91,000 and my fourth has over 61,000 he and I can’t even get past level 37 all thanks to the scumbag programmers for adding a stupid bullshit achievement for reaching level 100. I am slowly getting pissed off these scumbags ruining there games with crap like this.

    Shadow X

    In those cases, we can’t get a equip which makes us advance from 10 to 10?


    If I remember correctly, you get an accessory that lets you advance 10 levels per fight (instead of 1 level per fight) in the training accelerator by reaching the damage threshold (1000000?) in the Gazillion Challenge (Maidame Curie). The training accelerator – like all its previous incarnations – is badly balanced, and considering that it takes forever to max stats in this game, I wouldn’t bother with the training accelerator apart from earning the “beat level 100+ in the training accelerator” achievement.

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