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    ***WIP – Pictures will come in a day or two***

    Hello everyone, and welcome to my class!

    Upgrading Weapon Powah

    Weapon crafting in Asdivine Cross is a lot like it was in Dios and Menace, but for those not versed in either of those games I will go over a few basics.

    First, in order to upgrade a weapon you will need at least two weapons, the Base weapon (normally what you have equipped) and another weapon of the same type. The Base weapon will ‘absorb’ the secondary weapon and gain experience to give +’s to the Base, which increases its attack power. That is the basic weapon upgrading, now let’s move onto the more advanced technique of Adding and upgrading weapon effects. The fun part!

    The Nitty Gritty on Weapon Effects

    Now, you may have a weapon, or several dozen, that have various effects like Poison or HP Regen laying around. Only thing is, those weapons have a lower attack than what you currently have equipped and you really really want to have poison on what you have equipped. This is where things get tricky, but not to worry it’s really not that tricky. Come! Follow Rafiki and he show you what to do!

    In order to move that Poison onto your weapon of choice the Poison stat needs to get to 30 or above. But, how do I do THAT!?, you may be asking. Well, if you weren’t so excited and had taken your Ridilen I would have explained it by now.

    Upgrading Weapon Effects

    Upgrading a weapon effect is the same as upgrading a weapons attack power – you need the Base weapon to absorb another weapon with the Poison stat on it. If the Base weapon with Poison on it absorbs another weapon with Poison of at least 5 (I don’t think I have seen anything less than 5 in this game) in order to level up Poison on the Base weapon. When absorbing weapon effects, the Base weapon will gain +1 to the effected for every 5 levels that was ‘absorbed’.

    For example, Base weapon has Poison 25 and it absorbs a weapon with Poison 12 will come out having 27 Poison. Two points because what was absorbed was over 10, but under 15. If the secondary weapon had Poison of 15, then the base would come out to 28.

    But poison 27/28 isn’t enough to transfer to my Uber Weapon! I need it to get to 30! Did you hear me? I NEED it!

    Slow your roll, muffin, and why you would drive around a weapon… oh wait… Uber as in ‘awesome’.. gotcha. Anyways, all you have to do is repeat this process until Poison gets to 30 or higher. I suggest ‘locking’ the Poison weapon using the Favorites under the Customize menu so you don’t accidentally absorb it into your Uber weapon before it is ready to transfer its effect.

    Chicago Shuffle or How I Moved Effects From One Place To Another Using Just One Finger!

    So you have Poison leveled to 30 or higher, now to move it onto your Uber weapon, hereby referred to as Base weapon for this paragraph. To transfer it is rather straightforward. You go to the Custom menu, choose transfer effect. Choose your Base weapon and then choose your Poison weapon. Is it not letting you choose it? Well that’s because we forgot to unlock it in the favorites menu! Okay go do that. ALright! Now as I was saying, choose your Base weapon and then select your Poison weapon. It will popup showing you what effect or effects can be transferred, in this case it will be Poison. Choose ‘Okay’. Voila! Your Base weapon now has Poison!

    Simply repeat this process for any weapon effect you are wanting.


    Alright class, now that you know how to upgrade a weapon and weapon effects, and even know how to transfer those effects let’s move on to the other part of this little experiment in education – How to obtain all the weapons. ALL of them!

    The best way to get more weapons with more effects is through my favorite ability in these games – Stealing. That’s right, in order to maximize your weapons you have to become a thief and mug every single creature that gets in your way. Luckily in Cross when you fight a monster but don’t get a drop you can simply check the Monster Info in the menu. Unlike many games out there, the bestiary in Cross shows every item a mob can drop without the need of getting them to drop it in the first place.

    Fairly early in the game, after you get Olivia, you come across a chest surrounded by spikes. This is the little tutorial about spikes in Cross, but also gives my absolute favorite ability – Steal (Called Item Drop in the Help section of the game). Now her steal weapon only has a level of 8, but hey, 8 is better than zero.

    Stealing Explained

    The level of Steal shows the percentage chance to make an attempt at stealing. It does not mean you have an 8% chance to steal, it means you have an 8% chance to attempt at stealing every time you attack. With any attack. ANY attack. That means Trust gauge attacks/abilities and magic as well.

    Stealing and Other Effects During Attacks

    This holds true for every weapon effect. So if Harvey uses his Tempest trust gauge attack he will apply whatever weapon effects are on his weapon, be it Poison or Steal or even Swoon, and even all of the above. Lucile can Paralyze every mob using her Trust gauge in this fashion as well. I call this the Shock and Awe. I mean, wouldn’t you be shocked that such an adorable girl just stole ALL of your things?

    Stealing Early On

    Another way of getting Steal early on, even before you get Olivia is to play the Buster Box game thingy. I got lucky and in my first 20 Buster tickets I got a Steal 5 weapon for Harvey. Pretty sweet.

    You level up Steal just like every other weapon effect. At Steal 100 you will always attempt to steal. You may not always steal but you will always always always attempt to steal.

    Honor Amongst the Thieviest

    The most effective way to steal is after you get Lucile. Her trust gauge skill steals every item from every mob. It’s much more reliable than Noelle in Menace since you only get the one ‘limit’ per character and Lucile’s is to steal. A Conserver jewel is much desired but not needed to abuse this fact. Conserver jewels make it so your trust gauge abilities only use 50% and not the full 100% of the gauge when performing a trust gauge ability.

    Target Acquired – Finding Targets to Mug

    Remember how I mentioned the bestiary tells you everything a mob can drop? Well it also tells you where the mobs are located. Use that a lot once you have Lucile. THere are some areas where one or more mobs only drop weapons. All their item drops are weapons. (Later I will try to post the best areas/mobs for each weapon type)

    One such area is the Training Grounds north of the Guild. Two of the enemies there drop Gloves for all three of their item drops. So going into a fight with Trust Gauge at 100 and seeing all six enemies are Glove Droppers will make you drool, because you just hit the Glove Upgrade Jackpot. The gloves from these mobs won’t drop high level weapon effects since they are low level mobs, but the sheer amount of gloves you get will have you leveling up weapon effects, like Steal and Paralyze, pretty darn quickly as well as increasing the attack power of whatever weapon she has equipped. Although don’t count on getting that weapon to +999 there with any sort of ease since, again, they are low level mobs dropping low level weapons.


    Now for Part Three of my Class – Best Places to Farm!

    I would like to state, I do not have my bestiary filled yet since I have not gone to elysium nor finished all of the arenas. Also when I say ‘best place to farm’ I am only meaning places/mobs that ONLY have weapon drops as all of their dropped items and that it is only ‘best’ for leveling weapon effects. In order to level your weapon’s attack to +999, this part of the guide may help, but it is actually better to go to Devil Land or legend sewers or something and farm the higher level weapons.

    I will break this up into the 4 weapon categories and list what mobs have ONLY weapon drops and what area they are found in. As stated, I do not have the bestiary filled so if I am missing any mobs, please let me know and I will add them.

    Alchemist – Muhnay Cave
    Arch Druid – Muhnay Cave
    Jade Sorceress – Ophir Woods
    Magician – Grakka Abyss

    Armored Axeman – Cheeka Mt.
    Blade Wielder – Gloamfel Area
    Dullahan – Etheria
    Premier Knight – Level 100 Area
    Rookie Fighter – Training Ground
    Sentient Armor – Muhnay Cave
    Shadow Knight – Lantanoi Shrine Area
    Trainee – Training Ground

    Blade Knight – Naihmee Town Area
    Bronze Lancer – Illumina Spire
    SIlver Brandisher – Spireach Tower
    Veteran Lancer – Training Ground

    Black Assassin – Illumina Spire
    Highwayman Honcho – Hideout Area
    Jack the Ripper – Spireach Tower
    Lurking Bandit – Gloamfel Area
    Ruffian – Shawarl Checkpoint ~ Tenebrant City area
    Rustler – Rhutti Mine

    ~~Ultimate/Maid Weapon~~
    ROD – Motley Kraken – Legendary Sewers
    GLOVE – Kaiser Chimera – Devil Land
    SWORD – Chaos Dragon – Legendary Sewers
    SCYTHE – Kaiser Penguin – Devil Land

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    Alright thanks that info is useful enough to newcomer~jk rather than that i think there still a simple way to do that(farming weapon of course)hmm altough you was make this on hard way sooo you get title from tadaaaa:blacksmith apprentice~jk

    This one is telling the


    Oh nice vulsvang. Keep up to work bro.


    Thanks man. I’ll try to update this with some pics soon. I know for some people just reading words isn’t good enough. Sometimes a visual aid is needed, or at the very least much appreciated when it comes to guides.

    MSG Commander

    Thanks man. I’ll try to update this with some pics soon. I know for some people just reading words isn’t good enough. Sometimes a visual aid is needed, or at the very least much appreciated when it comes to guides.

    Lots of good info in here, vulsvang! One thing aside from pics that could help, would be to add in a couple of “topic headings” like so:

    Upgrading Base ATK

    To raise the ATK level blah blah blah

    Upgrading Weapon Effects

    Take one weapon and add effects from a second one blah blah blah

    Transferring Weapon Effects

    blah blah blah

    (Each “header” is in Bold text, and the Font Size is 4 – Font Size is the one with the two “T”s, just in case.) A few of these in the right places will help each section of the post to stand out more, and make it easier for people to find just what they’re looking for. B)

    All your base are


    Sorry I only had time to put simple bolded text for headers right now. I will be gone for a week or so. There will be plenty of pictures to help with my guide once I get back.

    Again, sorry for the delays. I was working on them when I got some news today.

    See you all when I return

    MSG Commander

    Hey I think it looks good. Hope everything is alright.

    All your base are

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