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    Technically, just like previous Exe-Create games like Asdivine Hearts, Journey to Kresia, Infinite Dunamis etc have wide variety of ways to level up fast. One thing that stands technically true to all the games is that the technique I am showing you to do can be done in all Exe-Create games( except few games like Unlucky Hero ), but in most cases this stands true. One thing that most of these fast leveling up ways is the these techniques are very frustrating, and sometimes down right obnoxious if I do say so myself. By frustrating I mean that either you will be taking ALOT of time doing this, or you can do this in mere matter of seconds. Either way, you are bound to experience both of them if you are going to follow my guide here. So without further ado, lets dive right into it.
    EXP Multipliers:
    Level Based:
    Easy – no multiplier
    Normal – 1.1x Multiplier
    Hard – 1.5x Multiplier
    Expert – 2.0x Multiplier

    Item Based:
    Exp Ring – 2x Multiplier ( Stack able )
    Exp Orb – 2x Multiplier
    Weapon based multipliers ( depends )

    Battle Based:
    Overkills – 0.2x Multiplication per hit.

    1.0 Places For People Who are in level 30 Range, The Level 100 Range and The Level 200 Range:

    Note: You should have acquired the boat( later ingame ). You should at minimum be level 35+, more is better, but 35 should suffice. First ring on any character.
    Prerequisites: Exp Orb ( to make things less tedious ), Gold Orb ( not really a requirement ),SP Orb ( is required if you are a magic fanatic ), Break Ring/Break Ring +( saves your hide in most cases. Seriously it does ), First Ring( required ),Exp Ring ( Compulsory Item. 1 should suffice, but more the merrier ). All out Unison’s( Will be noted where necessary ).

    WARNING: Enemies are high level, can and will certainly kill you in one hit, you are warned. However it is worth it! If you are simply losing you can escape and reload, then try again. Simple.

    Equip a Break Ring( at it earliest you will find from Bachlag Pass ) or Break Ring + ( from a gem collector, if you can ) and a First Ring ( From either Iris Spirit Tree or Toronko Ruins ). When you are set, set sail on your boat to Yggdrasil ( Image below ). When you reach the island containing the big tree, move left perpendicular to how you parked your boat, keep in mind to not stray far from your boat and to not SAVE BEFORE but after the battle, lest you might get stuck. After getting an encounter, you will have a 15% upped chance to get a preemptive strike. If you do get a preemptive strike, use an AOE ( Area of effect, or all out ) Unison. I recommend Witchy Witch and Evil Judgement here since all enemies are light elemental and these skills are a certain one hit kill( Even when you dont get a preemptive ). Rinse and repeat. Due to the fact that Unisons require a cooldown of 2 turns, it is imperative to reset this by doing some battles on the Sea. From this method, I got a whooping 2000-6000 EXP(4000-12000 EXP if added bonus) on a single enemy. It may take you a few tries, but you will surely level up faster this way ( hey, I reached level 60 in 30-40 mins ). It is to note that I only had one EXP ring, If you have more, than you will rack up a lot of levels from a single battle.

    Aye, X marks the spot, this is Yggdrasil.The BLUE “O” Go here if you really are ready to go here. Fortunately, there is really easy strategy to beat em. Just follow on for more! Izayoi’s Head is danger region(Level 200 Area), recommended level is 150+, but you can fend off well on early levels, if you know what you are doing.

    Somethings to note: You can fend yourself with less emergence upon reaching level 50 or such. Note that you should not go to the danger region and metal region as of yet ( the one with the sign post, just below Yggdrasil ). You will certainly die on both islands. However I will tell you how to level up on both the islands later on. As of yet, do not try to confront them.

    ANDDD I will Leave this here. Just Look At That EXP(Danger Region)……

    1.1 For People Who are above 200 and lower than 500:
    Note: If you are level 300+ you can just turn on the auto battle, sit down and move till you are level 500 or something.

    Before this you might have been grinding at Yggdrasil – Parallel Version, right? Well there is a much easier way to hit level 500 in a flash. What you have to do is to go out in the open world and sail yourself to Metal Region( You can use the above image to see where is metal region), of course if you have collected Madame Curie’s Legendary Weapons than you may have already been here. A point To be noted is that these enemies move Twice as Fast, Hit twice as Hard, Are Metal enemies , your normal attacks,break,unisons and magic skills will always miss. To make them even more annoying they have the tendency to run away at the most conspicuous times. Even if they are undoubtedly the above they are still metal enemies, and as such, have very low HP, almost 50-200 HP. Except Metal Crab and Metal Beast who have a whooping 10000+ HP. You have to always deal a critical strike. Its not so daunting, once you know what the special formula is. Now what are the special ingredients? Lets see:

    The special weapon is : Moomie Svardstav , acquired from either Moomie Mommy from selman grove. This weapon hits all enemies, regardless of position( The weapon is to be equipped on Freya only ).

    Unison : is Charge Strike, acquired from Izayoi’s Charge Attack and Minerva Extraction. This skill basically gives you a 100% critical strike rate. Which means no misses, only certain death. Use this on Freya.

    Luck: and by this I mean your luck( in case they dont run away ).

    After going into battle, with the above mentioned items, on your first turn use Charge Strike on Freya. On Freya’s turn only use a normal attack with Moomie Svardastv to hit all enemies. Viola! All enemies killed in one shot. Now rinse and repeat till you hearts content.

    The Alternate Strategy: Posted By Our Esteemed Members

    If any of these strategies helped you, give them a positive karma, and of course some thank you’s.
    By Alev

    And if you use 3 exp rings, you can reach lvl 999 easy without going to fairy land. My equip set up is crit weapon (at least 70& crit) with berserk and all arkstone for freya and Izayoi. Iris has 2 exp rings, Minerva has one exp ring and encounter ring. I reached lvl 300 to lvl 900 in just an hour. All of it in the metal region. Lol.

    I actually farmed in the metal region under yggdrasil in expert mode when my characters are around level 110 and 120.

    I crafted a weapon with speed and crit and vit for freya and izayoi. equipped both of them with an all-arkstone and berserk arkstone. Put all my characters in the back row to lessen incoming damage. So basically, all you need with this set up is luck. Luck for your characters to crit and luck so that enemies dont run away. In Iris and Minervas turn, I just use quick action for izayoi and Freya. I jumped to level 300 in just 15 min.

    One note though. I started crafting my items when I was in Apricus town. Around level 15 or 20 I think with a final parameter build on a weapon with Str, Crit, Speed and Vit on mind even before I knew that this game reaches level 999 and before I found this guide (i found your guide when I got the boat). I tried your strategy on the yggdrasil up till level 200 and finally managed to complete the weapons for Freya and Izayoi (luckily yggdrasil monsters drop a lot of sword and spear type weapons). Then followed your instructions for metal Island. Just then I realized that my weapon is built for metal Island and came up with the idea.

    Anyways, what I’m saying is, for people who have not started crafting weapons or for people who crafted weapons with different parameters, your strategy is their best bet as it takes too long to craft weapons with your desired parameters (without using adp for barrel busters). People using your strategy will undoubtedly be on their way to lvl999 by the time the people using my strategy has made their weapons.

    Here is a screenshot of the enemies and the exp they give with 1 exp ring on and an exp orb. it reaches 99999999 bonus exp when you have at least 2 exp rings equipped. It’s the reason why you don’t have to go to fairy island and you can just level up to 999 on metal island. Hope this helps. 🙂

    1.2 For People Who Are 500+ till all the Way to level 999:

    While this area is not for the faint of heart, the enemies are dangerously adorably cute, tiny fairies. Oh and they drop some amazing supplies ( Like Maids Brew or Maids Tincture ) and the amount of EXP they give is really through the roof( along with there HP, really). I do not know of any stratagem on beating them ( I just used what came in my mind, just used the above strategies, they worked fine for me here. Not sure about you guys ). So yes, you guys are on your own. However some of our guys in the forums have posted strategies and useful tips in this very thread, so why not read it? You will surely learn something new.
    With that out of the way, I will just leave the list of enemies here:
    Tiny Amazon( Not Much )
    Tiny Mage( If you want to see pain, see this one here )
    Tiny Princess( Seriously dangerous )
    Tiny Valkyrie( if 3 or more then WELP )
    Tiny Queen ( The most Dangerous, run if you’re low leveled )

    Note: Phew I was able to complete this guide. But it still has a lot of typos and grammatical Errors which I need to fix. So if you were not able to understand something. Please do not hesitate to comment below. Happy Playing

    Strategies From Our Other Awesome Members:

    If this strategy helped you, give Them a positive karma, and of course some thank you’s.

    Easiest way to reach level 999 in under an hour. I actually just bought and beat this game a few days ago around level 70. But I was reading the leveling up guides on fighting metal monsters to level up and seems too much effort lol. I have another strategy that let me go from lvl 70 to level 999 in a little less than an hour, about 30 minutes from level 300 to 999.

    Items needed: Experience Orb from ADP shop, Experience Ring from gem collector in Krokos Villa ( 2 preferably), and an Encounter ring.

    Step 1: Equip said gear^
    Step 2: Make sure Battle Shortcut is turned on in Options.
    Step 3: Go to “Danger Island,” The Island due West from Yggdrasil with strong monster on it.
    Step 4: Go into Options and turn difficulty to Easy.
    Step 5: Save, Step onto Danger Island and you should auto win the battle and watch your levels start flying up.
    *Repeat, with the Encounter ring on you will fight every step you take and keep auto winning and going straight to the level up screen, takes 5 seconds a battle.
    Step 6: 10 minutes of this you should be level 150 or higher, from about level 70.
    Step 7: Now move to Fairy Island and do the same thing, it is the tiny little island on the right side of the map in the middle of the 2 continents ( Theres a picture of its location in this thread)
    Step 8: Do the same thing as you did on Danger Island, you should auto win the battles, and gain about 3-10 levels every battle; depending on which enemy you auto-defeated.
    * Congrats, in about 45 minutes you went from 70-999 and now you can one shot anything in game pretty much lol. Have Fun

    A Little Update on the Above Strategy By Ventrix211:

    This guys method is legit, but i believe that metal islands is still better. i used the quick battle in settings, 2 first rings, 2 big arkstones, 1 lead arkstone 1 encounter ring, 1 all arkstone, and 1 metal arkstone. Other options for the metal arkstone is a 30 arkstone, but its slower i think. went from 35-999 in less than an hour.

    Things to note, this will be somewhat difficult and tedious for the first 15 lvls or so, cause without a pre-emptive you will die xD. But once you start getting auto completed fights over and over, switch it from easy to expert and your experience gain will triple.

    Special Thanks To:
    Sylphries ( For telling me about the Exp Ring )
    Alev ( For alternate strategy for metal region monsters )
    To Janus ( For alternate strategy for leveling upto 999 )
    To Ventrix211 ( For giving a little update to Janus’s Strategy )
    Nemomon ( For useful images of fairy land]here )
    MSG Commander ( For the thank Yous, of course this guy gives loads of them XD )

    MSG Commander

    Thanks Azyleo, this is an Awesome tip!

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    Thanks, I have more so I will post about them later!



    Btw im using different area for leveling
    At first on my +50 i go leveling on the island near yggdrazil ( right side of the map , middle of the sea )
    Using 1st ring and void skill called quatro ( 7th void skill )

    On lv +100
    Map island on the fartest right

    Then continued to outer part of it ( previously blocked by whirlpool )
    3rd area after top part

    lv 250-600+
    Same place
    But added with exp ring 2x or more ( havent try more than 2 )6
    and exp orb
    Also 2x metal jewel ( 4x in my case )
    Encounter Ring
    First ring ( for low spd ) but mine using sword with % surprise attack ( forgot the name but its from ADP barrel game )

    Btw thanks for the unison tips
    :9 i didnt know that izayoi and minerva have that unison ( lazy to check )
    Until now i always depend on luck crit from metal jewel


    Wait…….. I Know about the EXP ORB. But There is an EXP RING?!!!! Where Can I Find It Though?
    Did You Know About This MSG Commander?

    On an Side Note: There is another Region In The Game CALLED the Fairy Land. Technically All Monsters are 600+ and Well I Will Update My Post Above About It. Even Though I Written all about it in another post, but I Will Update This.

    Side Note 2: Thanks sylphries. Glad To Know I Helped Someone Out. I Have Seen Many People Dont Use Unisons though.


    Fairy Land?
    Hmm i do see it once but i forgot where to find it ( lost in the sea then randomly land near any island )
    Fought 1 fairy and lost in 1st turn ( lv 40 at that time )

    Experience Ring from trading Silver Gems 7x to gems collector on 2nd floor Krokos Villa

    MSG Commander?
    Never heard of it

    Btw Max exp bonus and exp gain is 9999999 right?
    Exp orb + 2 exp ring + 1 any metal mobs on north east area = 9999999 + 3000000+ exp
    Will try to go to fairy land~ thanks for the map


    Oh so thats how you get silver a ring. Thanks for the info.

    MSG Commander is the username of the person who runs this site XD XD. I was just asking him if he knew about the EXP rings.

    Yes Max Exp Bonus and Gained are 99999999. And Man Thats Some EXP I never Got Such EXP in this game because I didnt know that there was an EXP ring XD.
    Glad to know I helped you, because KEMCO decided to Not Draw it on the map lol.

    MSG Commander

    Hi sylphries:

    Thanks for the info about the Exp Ring. I didn’t know about it either.

    Please feel free to share any information you have on any Kemco game! The whole idea behind this site is players helping each other, so we definitely appreciate everyone’s advice.

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    What to do after reaching max lv?


    Im Pretty Sure You Can’t Do Anything after achieving Lv 999. Well the Game is Finished, and this game has very low post game content.What You Can do is Replay The Game On Hard, and well Every Enemy Will feel New to you, Aswell as the EXP boosts you get during Hard Mode. You should Play Asdivine Hearts. It has Loads of Post Game Content, which will keep you hooked far more than Asdivine Dios. Or You Can Just Play there New Game. Though I really dont know if you would like it or not.

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