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    MSG Commander

    Hey everyone,

    I’ve made it all the way to the Undersea area and I’m starting to notice more and more metal monsters appearing in battles. It seems like most of my attacks against them only do 1 damage, but occasionally someone will get a Critical hit and do like thousands of damage, killing it in one shot.

    What I’m wondering is if there are any specific weapons that are strong against metal (that will do more than just 1 damage on a regular attack)?

    All your base are


    Do a Unison With Izayoi And Minvera Called Charged Strike(Heavy Strike+Extraction). And Use It On Person Having High Attack On Only Normal Attacks. For Me Freya has the strongest normal attack.(Freya Also Gets a Weapon Were She Targets a Row. Great for Metal Enemies!!). Basically the Unison Skill Allows You To Have a 80% Hit Chance and 100% Critical Rate for a Certain Amount Of time. This tactic is full proof and always works for me. If you are lucky, maybe they wont run away 😉

    Edit: As Far As I know there is no such weapon which are effective against metal type enemies but there are Two Arkstones which has a certain effect, like the first arkstone(30 arkstone) always does a 30dmg hit regardless of enemy. And The Second one(100arkstone) does 100dmg hit Always,also not regarding the type of enemy. There is also an Arkstone Available(Guild Shop If I My Memory Serves me right) That Always Hit the enemy(No Misses) But For metal Enemies its dumb down(Meaning That There is A Chance You will miss, maybe a 80-20 chance?Bummer)

    Edit 2: Technically Every Metal Monster Has Like only 10-50 HP(Except Metal Behemoth and Full Metal Cancer, which have approximately 12000 HP). Even Monsters on Metal Region( Metal Isle A and B ) have hp from 52-100. These give a lot of EXP though. Like I just Do What I wrote Above( This Time I also Equipped 3 First Arkstones, which can be found in dungeons, always give me a preemptive strike).

    Edit 3: Freya Can Get a Weapon From Mommy Moomie Or Moomie Mommy(Both Are Different, But Its A Pixie Holding Moomies) Which Hits ALL Enemies. THIS is A MUST FOR METAL ENEMIES!!!!!!(Enemy Is Found in Selman Grove, If I Remember Right is A Super Rare Item, Just Use Iris’s Skill to Get it)

    MSG Commander

    Good to know. I haven’t used Unisons really, but I’ll give that a try.

    All your base are


    Yeah Unison Are Great Minus There Coold Down Time, give it a whirl and tell me what you come up with!


    @azyleo hi you, can i have a question.. how to use unison ??? i cant use it


    Hello Ketra, Welcome to the forums. Now regarding your question about unison, you must have acquired Freya in your party to unlock it.
    Here I use a word which is:

    Turn Bar: Its the Bar which shows whose turn is going to arrive first.
    The Right Side is the Starting Point and Left Side is the ending point. A characters turn will come at the ending point and once done will jump back at the starting point.

    Then you have to open the menu and then tap on the unison icon ( its the one with the two fist hitting each other ). Here you have to select a character in which the unison is to be made. Once selected you will be shown with 3 open slots ( 3 closed, you have to buy them with ADP points from the IAP shop). However you must know somethings about them.Now the character who made the unison is the Initiator and the second character is the Collaborator. Only the Unison Initiator gets a Unison Cool down( its 2 can be reduced to 1).
    Now selecting a slot will open up a menu of skills ( Both Break and Magic ). Break Skills Can Only Be Combined with Break skills. Similarly magic skills can only be combined with other magic skills ( Of Any Element whether it be Void, Light or Darkness ). However a skill you learned at level 1 cannot be combined with a skill you learned at level 129. Only a level 1 skill can be combined with the level 1 skill of another. Same with Magic. Now that you have combined a skill to make unison save it and go into battle. Now once into battle select a unison by tapping the unison button ( its the same as the unison icon in the menu ) now once you have selected the unison the initiator will be in a casting state and will remain in a casting state( the characters turn will remain at the left side of the turn bar) until the collaborators turn does not come up. The unison will be performed when both the initiator and the collaborators meet at the end of the turn bar. However the initiator should be the first to arrive at the turn bar otherwise you will waste a turn.( If you want me to post images to help you, I can do that)
    Now if you have any problems feel free to post a question and I will try my best to answer it.

    Hoang Nhat Anh

    Simple: add critical hit ability (sun symbol) to your weapon. Raise it to 100% then boom, any metal monster (even boss) are joke to you.


    Little AMATEUR

    I tried using Charged Strike but it seemed to have no effect at all… I tried it on Freya to attack a metal monster once and it didn’t do any crit. What’s going on?

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