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    That’s pretty much what I did so… It really is the only strategy I thought of


    Valid Strategie ? If u raise or hk the point to 9999, ofc you can easily one hit kill the boss. The only Prob is that not fun anymore.
    I tried delay action strategic but only work on single monster like Maidame Curie… Thats when i only got 1000k ATK and about 2000 SPD.
    I smug a lot of Longinus from her lol, i even got some item with effect greater than 100% here.
    My idea is : you dont need Maid items to kill even Grimalkin Attacker.
    But you need to increase you ATK of Izayoi and Iris or Freya to at least 5000. SPD need to be about 3000. Mine, i use Freya.
    Then take Double ArkStone and Parametter ring for Iza and Iris/ Freya.
    The rest use Acceleration ring and release ring/ Break Chain Ark stone (only for Minerva).

    First, Iris use Quick Action on Iza.
    Iza wait use Hades Revolve Unison.
    Minerva use any -DEF magic on Grimalkin Attacker.
    Then the boss will die on Freya’s turn.
    One hit, no damage taking.

    If you want something more bitter. Then attack Grimalkin when you only have 3000-4000 ATK and about 2500 SPd. This way, you Revolve deal about 1/2 HP of the boss, and you need survive through his Nature Wrath by Anti-Magic or Anti Skill Ark Stone. After that skill, just repeat the Unison and done.

    My first win again Grimakin, i got only 3000-4000 ATK and about 2500 SPd. I dont know why but when Nature Wrath appear, my Iza is alive. So i use Maid Tincture and finish him off after some more turn. That quite fun.

    Not on this game, but the boss i miss the most is Emeral of FFVII. Even i got 999 at all Stats, still cant beat him easily.Never one hit -kill a boss like this.


    I think this…this might just work. The only thing to be vary about in this boss battle is Grimalkin’s Delta Ender skill.

    Emerald was way to hard for no apparent reason (I didn’t even make strategy for him, because I thought Hi Level and Stats would make me win…. well not worth it lol )


    Sir? Im done finding All 11 sprites. But madame Curie always decline me to enter..
    Someone can help me.
    Im done all the requirements to open Secret Battle Arena but still the same. I cant enter such place..

    I complete the story first and before that I Find now all the sprites.

    Its a Bug or I got mistakes ? Please help sir

    MSG Commander

    Hi Dinalo,

    It’s been some time since I played Dios, but as far as I know, all you need to do is finish the Normal End, and find the 11th Sprite. You may need to report back to Atia after finding the 11th Sprite though, if you haven’t done that.

    Also, in Asdivine Menace, the secret arena doesn’t open until you speak with Maidame Curie at the entrance to Mount Ramuh, but I don’t think that’s a requirement for Dios.

    I’ve searched all my walkthrough pages, and they all say the east side of the Forgotten Village opens up after the Normal End. I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful. 🙁

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    Being as though I am late and you probably have found an answer, but to answer your question regardless, after finding the sprites and talking to Atia, be sure to be on the True Ending Route. During that the secret arena will automatically get unlocked.


    I found a new fact!!(if you don’t know about it)

    after you defeat grimalkin attacker for the first time,go and talk to maidame curie and some event chat will occured.

    Well…it’s so cute>.<

    Notice me please:(

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    I have defeated the grimalkin attacker for several time but that event isn’t happen again

    Notice me please:(

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    It’s worth to try that;-)

    Not everyday you can see her blushes face in another asdivine games

    Notice me please:(

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