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    When you read them, they say something about some kind of magic he can feel. What are these for?

    EDIT: See the end of this topic for information on the 4 Magic Founts, and the 4 sign posts. This information may be included in the walkthrough in the future.


    These Signs will be available when you have defeated the 1st ending Playthrough.During the 2nd ending playthrough Maidame Curie Will say that she has opened the magic around the Signs, so that you can get Special Weapons after beating each respective boss at the sign.

    MSG Commander

    You should keep track of where the signs are located and the boss you fight at each one, so we can put it somewhere in the walkthrough. B)

    All your base are


    Hmmm, again, I thought I did beat the game once, but I’m not getting those options (see my reply on the Bonus bosses/secret arena). I might need to go through and just beat it again, do I need to beat it on the highest level? I beat it on the second to highest.

    MSG Commander – yep I will take notes on the Boss, the battle, and the rewards. I’ve been screwing around and fightin metal monsters and am at level 500+ now, so, I should be able to take my time with them. :whistle:

    MSG Commander

    I beat it on normal and unlocked everything.

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    Alright, I will try and run through to the boss and beat him again real quick and see if that will trigger everything to open. Thanks!


    weellll, I feel like an idiot :dry: I hadn’t beat the game yet.:

    When you beat Adusk for the second time, Iris has an option to either “accept adusk”, or “there has to be another way”, and I chose accept adusk, which ends the game there. Soooo.

    1. I have now gone down the other path,
    2. I found out some new things about the trust levels after beating him multiple times with all the women at different levels and I think we should update that walkthrough accordingly.
    3. I have opened all the magic founts, recorded all the boss info, and recorded all the chests and thier contents
    4. I have recorded all the maid weapons and stats in the basement of curie house with the gazillion challenge
    5. I tackled all the signs and recorded the monsters, the sign locations and directions from the last fount so you can hit them all in a row, and rewards.
    6. I just now need to go and do the last battle with Odium (I THINK, unless the game throws another curve ball at me 🙂 :blink: )
    7. I will get this information typed up into each topic that it is pertinent to, as well as put it in the walkthrough, so it can be reviewed and formatted by you, MSG

    MSG Commander

    That’s funny. I never knew the story would just “end” at that point.

    I believe the battle you mentioned is the last battle. It’s a pretty cool ending too.

    I never went for any girl-specific endings, so I’ll be especially interested in that info. :blush:

    Also I got the super cool maid weapons, but I didn’t do the secret arena or gazillion challenge or any of those things – but I believe Azyleo has posted or is working on guides for all those battles, so between the three of us we should be able to add quite a bit of new content to the Dios walkthrough!

    Enjoy the second ending…

    All your base are


    The Magic Founts – must be cleared in order

    Mount RamahMagic Fount – shortly after entering the first area, you will be approached by Madame Curie, she will tell you that she is looking for her Maid Asistia, and tasks you with locating her and returning her to her, and at this time that she will also open access to the 4 signposts, and if you defeat the monsters/indentured servants connected to each one, then you will be awarded a special item. Those will be discussed after the clearing of the 4 founts.
    The dungeons are pretty straightforward, as long as you take each path as you come to it, you should have no problems finding all of the items.
    Items found: Unison Arkstone, Ballista Saber +48, Break Chain Arkstone Broad Knuckle +68, Tray Gem x 2
    When you get to the end of the dungeon, you will find Maid Asistia desiring the power of the founts, just as you are about to attack her, she sics the puntastic Maid Broomia on you. (unfortunately at this point, I was level 500+, so I beat her and all other bosses in one round, so I can’t really offer any strategies other then to make sure you use YOINK! With Iris on every boss, as you will likely steal a Maid’s tincture, which always comes in handy!).
    After you defeat Maid Broomia, Maid Asistia makes her escape, make sure you search the area for another weapon treasure box which contains a monster in a box (Chaosback Chelonia) and a Maid Gown. Again, make sure you use Yoink! For a good prize.

    Priya Temple Magic Fount– To make this temple a little easier to navigate, make sure you have a heavy ring equipped to one of your characters to deal with the one way tiles. If you didn’t have a heavy ring the first time you came to this area, you can also explore the map leading to Priya temple and find a Tray gem, Acceleration Ring, and Silver gem,
    Once you enter the temple:
    Items found: Alto Heal matter x 10, Quintuple Arkstone, Amazon Naginata +46, All Arkstone, Guild Encyclopedia +36, Foxy Arkstone, Hitman Arkstone, Tray Gem.
    Boss: Maid Servia
    After defeating her, again look for a Weapon treasure box which contains a monster in a box (Chaosback Chelonia) and a Maid Robe.

    Toronko Ruins Magic Fount– you’ll want to have float cast on your party to deal with the many spike traps on the floors.
    Items found: Parameter Ring, Marshmellow Saber +60, Buster Ticket x 2, Antimagic Arkstone, 30 Arkstone
    Boss: Maid Dustia
    After boss battle weapon box with monster for a Maid Gown, and also a Medium glove +120 in another hidden passageway.

    Selman Grove Magic Fount:
    Items Found: Moomie Svardstav +36, Alto Heal Matter x 10, STR seed x 16, Lodestone (L)
    Boss: Maid Assistia (finally!)
    After boss battle weapon box with monster for a Maid Armor.


    The four sign posts – These can be cleared in any order. This guide is written to clear them in the quickest order after finishing the Magic Founts, however, if you are having trouble with the Fount battles, if may help to get the special weapons from the signs, as they are pretty powerful, though they will be lacking in special (traits? Sorry, can’t think of the work right now)
    The first sign can be accessed after clearing the Selman Grove Magic Fount area by getting on the wind flower and going slightly East to a clearing in the mountain.
    Boss: Emperor Behemoth (Again, I don’t have any strategy for these bosses, as I was level 500+, so I beat them in 1 round or less, but make sure you try and use Yoink! On them by Iris for a good item)
    Weapon – for Izayoi – Ragnarok Att 280 – STR and SPD + 10%, occasionally uses Lightening Arrow

    After you finish this area, you will want to use a Flight Feather, as you will need your boat to access the next signs.
    Warp to Avence Town, get on your boat, and sail straight north to a small round island, with the next sign (This is one of the metal monster islands).
    Boss – Lancer Kraken –
    Weapon – for Freya – Trident Att 280 – INT and VIT +10%, occasionally uses Comet

    Get back on your boat and go North, sticking close to the coast on your West, as soon as there is an opening, head through it and go West until you reach land that will be covered with mountains, go south from here until you can land, and get off your boat. Follow the path West, then north into the mountains to find the third sign.
    Boss – Bunny Ursula
    Weapon – for Iris – Holy Knuckles Att 280 – STR and SPD +10% , x 1.5 damage if the target is Shadow based

    Use a flight feather and warp to the Guild Camp, get on your boat and and sail aorun the north side of the Island and head East. You will reach a canal south of the Continent with Krokos Villa and the Far West Continent (Name?), head north up this canal and look for a place to land on the East side. When you get off your boat, head north to the fourth and final sign.
    Boss – Terror Wyvern
    Weapon – For Minerva – Black Book ATT 280 – STR and VIT +10%, occasionally uses Shadow Flare

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