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    I think I noticed something odd with the Treasure Searcher Item – I was going back through some of the areas to see if I had collected all of the treasure chests, and when I came to Selman grove, it said I still had 6 chests to find. I was a little surprised because I usually search everything pretty thoroughly, so figured I must have missed a whole section.

    I scoured the whole area, and only found 1 chest I missed in the treeline, leaving 5 more that I couldn’t find.

    This was before I had unlocked access to the Magic Founts. When I went back to the area when the Fount was opened, and I discovered the new area was opened up with more chests, and there were 5 in the new area, so the Treasure searcher item seems to also count the chests in the areas that you cannot access until the end of the game. This might be information to include in the walk through portion of each area, so if players use the treasure searcher to make sure they cleared an area of chests, on their first run through, they will not waste a bunch of time like I did trying to find chests that they cannot access yet.

    Mt Ramah – 6 chests
    Priya Temple – 9 chests
    Toronko Ruins – 7 chests
    Selman Grove – 5 chests

    MSG Commander

    I noticed that same thing in one of the areas where you need a Heavy ring to get to some of the treasure, but I didn’t think too much of it at the time.

    I wonder if the same thing would happen with other games (is this Kemco standard practice, to give the number of all treasures, whether you can access them at that point or not?)

    All your base are

    Abdur Rojid

    I have trouble finding the last 1 chest in “Selman Grove” please help, for all the chest places to be

    MSG Commander

    This page includes a map of Selman Grove, and every treasure I know of that’s in that location:

    All your base are

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