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    Firstly thanks for the guide in this forum so that I could finish all the enemy guide except the No.087 in letter D. 🙁

    So anyone has met those No.087 guys and plz save me. :blink:

    I also found that there are other missing enemies in D. Followings are what I have collected and hope they can help.

    No.073 Death Cancer/ Location: Deadly Waters.

    No.079 Desire Dragon/ Location: Level 200 Area.

    No.086 Dragon Sorcerer/ Location: Level 300 Area.

    MSG Commander

    Hi Rance,

    Thanks for the additional info. I’ll work on adding those as soon as I’m in front of my pc (too hard to do on a tablet) 😛

    Really, thanks go to 3beez for filling in the enemy guide; I just got it started. Hopefully someone will have no 87, though even in Asdivine Menace there were a few monsters no one could find.

    All your base are


    I’ve got it. I didn’t go through A-E because I thought those were done. LOL Have it for you momentarily, Rance!

    Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.

    Done. The Dios enemy guide should be 100% complete now. If anyone sees anything I missed, just let me know. I’ll fix it asap.:lol:

    Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.

    Excellent work! I must say. Thank you.
    Btw I still wonder that how to get the last hidden achievement in google play. Maybe something boring indeed. Well, thirst of 20/20. :S
    My achievements: 8 endings + 5 cups + First step + party of 4 + all treasure chests + weapon 999 + all sprites + all subquests = 19.
    p.s. Thus I was asking the enemy above. :sick:
    Lack of wiki makes me stuck.


    My achievements: 8 endings + 5 cups + First step + party of 4 + all treasure chests + weapon 999 + all sprites + all subquests = 19.

    You’re most welcome! You’re ahead me on achievements though.

    I’ve got 7 endings:
    1. Our Beloved Izayoi
    2. Millennial Crush
    3. Together Forever
    4. Just the Two of Us
    5. He Who Watches Over the World
    6. Awakened by a Kiss
    7. A Diety’s Legend
    8. ??? I didn’t even know their was another ending.

    plus 4 cups:
    9. Maid Cup
    10. Gold Cup
    11. Silver Cup
    12. Bronze Cup

    and the miscellaneous others:
    13. All treasures
    14. All subquests
    15. All sprites
    16. Party of 4
    17. First Step
    18. Weapon +999
    19. Gazillion Challenge

    You said there’s a 5th cup? If so, I’m missing that one as well as an ending. What’s the 8th ending called? Maybe you’re missing the Gazillion Challenge? I didn’t see it in your list….

    Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.

    Ehh…My mistakes. 😛
    8 endings:
    6 of yours (Wait. Is it the 20th?)
    plus 2 normal endings: Promise of a Distant Day (Minerva),
    Last Dream (Iris) (Maybe you were single-minded before dealing with the Adusk in Yggdrasil-Heart. B))
    plus 4 cups in general
    plus other scattered 7 as you showed

    Where is my A Diety’s Legend? :blink:


    Ack! Gah! I don’t remember how I got any of the endings…except for trust levels. I think I might have to play the game again. Oh well, it will give me something to do while waiting for a new game from Kemco.

    EDIT: Just found “A Diety’s Legend” ending again. Details below…

    Before the battles with Adusk, set the trust level of Freya, Minerva, and Iris low. I had each of them at 45. Then choose to accept Adusk when given the option. This is a normal ending.

    Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.
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