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    MSG Commander

    This would read better in 1oldtymer’s “narrator” voice. But since I can’t copy that writing style very well, we’ll just have to imagine that he’s describing a boxing match or something similar (as he always does.)

    When to Start

    Once you’re around Level 600, you can safely go to Fairyland and start fighting the enemies there on Normal – or possibly Hard – Difficulty.

    At first the battles will be touch and go; however as you approach Level 700 they’ll become easy enough that you can contemplate switching to Expert Difficulty. (Above Level 700, if you’re not on Expert, you’re doing something wrong.)

    The following strategy will work successfully on EVERY encounter in Fairyland (once you get past the point of the fairies annihilating you before you have a chance to strike back…)


    At least 3 Maid Weapons (one of them must be Izayoi’s Maid Brand.)
    Multiple Parameter rings (one for each person if you’ve got enough.)
    Encounter Ring (obviously)


    Sleep effect on Izayoi’s Maid Brand *


    (you won’t have room for all of these, so choose what you like)

    A couple of First Rings (to increase pre-emptive attack rate.)
    Casting Arkstone (to reduce magic wait time)
    Unison Arkstone (unisons do x1.5 damage)
    Metal Arkstone (metal fairies = more EXP)
    Leader/Big Arkstone (Leader and Titan fairies also = more EXP)
    Break Ring (probably a waste of time but… it might be helpful now and then)
    Barrel/Boulder Ring (if you want to try to farm some items from barrels or boulders while pounding fairies into the ground)

    First round

    1. Have Izayoi initiate the Unison “Galaxy Nova” (or use the magic skill “Galaxy X” if Unison is not available.)

    Galaxy Nova attacks all with “a shockwave of divine destruction.” It takes awhile to charge, but since Izayoi has the Maid Brand, all his parameters are 2 ranks up, so you won’t be able to get it in before all the enemies get their turn (but it does MASSIVE DAMAGE, so if you’re up against six fairies it might be worth using.)

    Or, Galaxy X attacks all, and will delay action speed – and there’s no charging time involved so you can use it right away (and, if you transferred Sleep onto your Maid Brand there’s a good chance it will put all the fairies to sleep!)

    2. Have Iris use Knuckle Sandwich!

    Knuckle sandwich attacks all, and puts SPD 1 rank down (which can delay some, but not all, of the enemies turns, long enough for you to get a few more attacks in right at the start.)

    3. Have Minerva use This is the end.

    This is the end attacks all, and puts ATK, INT, & SPD 2 ranks down. (If you used Knuckle sandwich already, the fairies’ SPD will only go down 1 more rank, for a combined total of 2 ranks down.)

    4. Freya should use one of the following (depending on how many enemies remain):

    Enjoy the pain! attacks all, plus x1.6 damage againt aerial targets (Enjoy the pain! also takes some time to charge, so you may not always want to use this one.)

    Round we go! attacks a column, damage is based on HP 10s, and SPD is 1 rank down.

    No you don’t! attacks one, but damage is x2 when HP is even.

    Once you get above Level 700, most battles will no longer go beyond the first round, but if they do:

    Have Izayoi use Divine Power (if HP 1s digit is high, otherwise use Hades Slash or Mach Slash.)

    Have Freya use No you don’t!

    Have Iris use Deathblow!/Rolling hook!/Machine gun fist! (Your choice, depending on how many enemies are left; also Deathblow may not work very often but it’s still fun when it does actually kill the enemy. It also takes time to charge, so again, it may not be worth it.)

    And for Minerva – well, after Level 700, none of my battles lasted this long, but if yours does then just use whatever you want!

    – As you approach Level 800, you can start to Auto battles that only have one or two fairies (you can try to Auto battles with six enemies but you might lose some of these.)

    – At Level 900, you’ll be able to Auto most battles (but watch closely because sometimes Minerva might get killed.) As you approach Level 950, the Battle Shortcut will start to kick in, and the remainder of your journey will be a breeze.

    * Somewhere late in the game, you find a weapon for Izayoi that has very high Poison and Sleep ratings (like over 60%). If you saved that weapon, I highly recommend transferring those two effects to the Maid Brand. The Sleep effect will save your bacon in more than one random encounter.

    All your base are


    Nice. This could go well with my leveling up guide.

    MSG Commander

    Actually that’s what gave me the inspiration to even go there in the first place.

    All of this is pretty much laid out by different contributors; I just took all the pieces and stuck them together. πŸ˜†

    At first I didn’t even want to bother with Fairyland, but after about 4 or 5 battles I was loving it!

    All your base are


    I told you! But that’s nice because I have not added any strategy for Fairy Land in my guide ( which will change when I will be free, in like 20 days or so )

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