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    do you guys think this will release on wii u or 3ds too? i really dont care for touch screen, but i am going to try and play it. i much preferred asdivine hearts on the wii u. im glad that good kemco games have been coming to the 3ds and wii u.

    does anyone have a recommendation on a good, kinda cheap, stylus for tablets? one where you dont have to press hard, because i got this crappy universal stylus for my tablet, where you had to press hard. im using an acer tablet, if it matters. anyone else play with a stylus?

    wish the rest of the series would release on wii u/ 3ds as well. im about ready to start this game after finishing everything in asdivine hearts. it was a lovely game. i think i will enjoy the rest in the series, very much so.


    I’m not a fan of touch either; so, I always turn on the game pad option. However, I can see where that only makes sense on smaller devices not tablets. The thought of using a stylus for hours of game-play makes my carpal tunnel scream ‘NO!’. LOL

    That being said….I’ve had good luck with AmazonBasics styli. They run about $6-8 (US$).

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    I second 3beez–I used the Amazon stylus on my tablet for some time before I went touch with my fingers. It worked reasonably well.

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    i will give that stylus a go, thanks. yeah, if my tablet was smaller, or i had a phone, i would use touch pad instead. oh well, i have what i have. lol 🙂

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