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    I’m just going to add to this as I progress in the game. Others can feel free to add to it too, since some of you will likely easily overtake my progress.

    IMPORTANT! The position of the answers is not set! You can’t just say “Answer #1 gives Felix^” because the text for each option is randomly assigned. I’m also expecting some to be missable, especially if they include the private action system from the other Asdivine games.

    NOTE: I didn’t note down the first few, but they should be obvious. I got trust up on all of them on the first try. So my guide starts when you meet Felix.

    Did you put on some weight? No change
    I think that one suits you best. Felix ^

    I’ll take your hand, Uriel! Uriel^
    I’ll take your hand, Stella! Stella^
    I’ll take your tail, Felix! Felix^

    you really try to look out for Felix, don’t you? No change
    don’t you think Felix is an idiot? Nadia^

    MSG Commander

    don’t you think Felix is an idiot?

    That one cracked me up. It looks like, if people enjoyed the humor in the original, this is gonna be a great sequel. (But if you don’t like the jokes you might be really disappointed with this game…)

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    Choices are arranged in the positive-neutral-negative manner. No third choice means no negative choice available. The only exception is the one in Arnolt Temple.
    Most choices give +10 trust to the character you’re talking with if the positive choice is taken; -20 trust if negative. The exceptions are the meeting scenes with Stella, Uriel and Felix (you only get +6 trust for positive choice; and yes, meeting scene with Nadia gives +10) and Arnolt Temple scene (it gives +16 trust to the character you’ve chosen to grab and gives -10 trust to the other two (i.e. grabbing Stella means trust with Uriel and Felix is reduced by 10).
    There’s also a scene at some point where you’re given a key item and can give it to any of the four party members for +10 trust, but it doesn’t involve dialogue choices.

    –Meeting Stella–
    *…I think it suits you well.
    *…I think it looks pretty comfortable.

    –Meeting Uriel–
    *…that rocks!
    *…you going to be okay running that thing?

    –Meeting Felix–
    *I think that one suits you best.
    *Did you put on some weight?

    –Arnolt Temple–
    *I’ve got your hand, Stella!
    *I’ve got your hand, Uriel!
    *I’ve got your tail, Felix!

    –Meeting Nadia–
    *…don’t you think Felix is an idiot?
    *…you really try to look out for Felix, don’t you?

    –Ayle Village–
    *…it looks like a rabbit.
    *…it looks like a rat.
    *…it looks like a giant marshmallow with eyes!
    *…that’d be awesome!
    *…we should really go all out next time!
    *…I’ll pass.
    *I’d never have thought to do that.
    *Isn’t your face frozen off by now?
    *In fact, it’s kinda creepy…
    *I’d be worried, too.
    *Felix will show up sooner or later.
    *I buried that cat.

    –Tricory Village–
    *…you might try using this.
    *…I’ve got a good one for you!
    *…how about this?!
    *It looks just like me!
    *Nice work!
    *I’d rather you didn’t.
    *(A light toss is probably best.)
    *(Best refuse, so things don’t get out of control.)
    *(60 MPH should do it!)
    *You should sip it.
    *You should drink it all at once.
    *You should give it to Felix.

    –Hot Spring… In Snow!–
    *…but why don’t you wait a bit?
    *Unlucky us.
    *…but maybe things aren’t as bad as they seem.
    *…how does just the two of us sound?
    *…how does inviting everybody sound?
    *…I don’t think I could find the time.
    *How about a nice head scratch?
    *Does “thanks” work for you?
    *It’s your own fault for putting it in there.
    *Leave things to me!
    *Take a deep breath.
    *There’s no need to get bent out of shape.

    –Karanka Village–
    *I think I’d be happy.
    *I wouldn’t think anything of it.
    *I’d hope you’d cross over.
    *A love story might be nice!
    *I’m a sucker for adventure!
    *One where I get all the ladies!
    *…let’s go with the usual.
    *…let’s go with Nadia’s way.
    *…let’s go with Uriel’s way.
    *Th-Then sure, go ahead!
    *I think it best you try with Felix instead.
    *I appreciate the invitation, but no.

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