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    I’ve completed the Normal Ending and I’m searching for the Secret Arena. Anyone knows where is it?

    Update: Found it! It is on the south-eastern tip of Riveria world’s main continent.


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    Hai, i’m new here, but i’ll try to answer your question.

    After the normal ending, you will have to go through a series of events first, until you reached a certain world. In that world you will find the secret location (new towns) and the secret arena.

    Let me know if you need anything more.

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    Hi Melgiore, welcome to this forum!

    Thanks for the reply. I’ll continue story progress in the 3rd world till I get my flying pugwort. Guess that will make travel and search for the Secret Arena much easier 🙂


    Go west from town.


    Thanks guys! I’ve found the Forgotten Village and Secret Arena.
    It’s at the same spot in Asdivine Hearts, only accessible by Flying Pugwort + walking.


    Do we have to battle neo maidame curie with stella and buddy only or we get to battle her with whole team?


    We get to battle all enemy teams with our whole team. But watch out for Neo Maidame Curie.

    Below are the information:

    There are 5 lanes, difficulty increases from right to left.

    Right most (easiest)
    Lane 1:
    Masters of the Universe
    Recommended level: 75 or above
    Fee: 150,000 gold
    Reward: Experience Bag x2

    Lane 2:
    Recommended level: 100 or above
    Fee: 350,000 gold
    Reward: Life Seed x14

    Lane 3:
    Best of the Best
    Recommended level: 300 or above
    Fee: 500,000 gold
    Reward: Ability Seed x8

    Lane 4:
    Ugly Duckling
    Recommended level: 500 or above
    Fee: 600,000 gold
    Reward: Ultimate Seed x2

    Left most (most difficult)
    Lane 5:
    You Are My Sunshine (Maidame Curie!)
    Recommended level: 700 or above
    Fee: 900,000 gold
    Rewards (only 1 per round, random):
    Pugwort Costume
    Sacred Torch (Zack’s Sword, 400 ATK)
    Railroad Sign (Stella’s Baton, 400ATK)
    Floral Ball (Felix’s Ball, 400ATK)
    Texas Chainsaw (Uriel’s Chainsaw, 400 ATK)
    Bare Legs (Nadia’s Boots, 400 ATK)
    *All the above rewards are starred, meaning they can change the sprites’ appearance.
    **All the weapons are of the highest ATK and Ultra-Rare rate (2%) from Safe Crackers.
    ***All weapons are clean and can be obtained multiple times by repeating battles with Maidame Curie
    ****After completing all 5 battles, Maidame Curie gives a key item “Maidame’s Sparkler” as a special reward. It is an item to open a door in Arnolt’s Temple.


    We get to battle all enemy teams with our whole team. But watch out for Neo Maidame Curie.

    You Are My Sunshine (Maidame Curie!)
    Recommended level: 75 or above
    Fee: 900,000 gold
    Rewards (only 1 per round, random)…

    The Hyper-Realistic Bloody Maidame Curie is in the Extra Dungeon, the area behind that door on the second floor of Arnolt Temple. She’s pretty… well… basically, her stats are through the roof, the battle lags like crazy and she suddenly has a phase where all damage to her is based on a hit count.
    Level 75, sure.
    And if I remember right, the rewards are less random and more “cycle in order” (aside from Pugwort Costume, of course).


    Oops. typo. Maidame Curie’s battle from Secret Arena should be level 700 and above.


    Islandi are there any jewel that reduce trust charge consumption?

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