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    There are 7 types of Safes which appear in decreasing frequency:
    1. Black
    2. Purple
    3. Green
    4. Red
    5. Blue
    6. Rock
    7. Brown

    Here are the drops:

    1. Black2. Purple3. Green4. Red5. Blue6. Rock7. Brown
    Life Jewel

    Unison a Jewel

    Unison b Jewel

    B. Attack Jewel

    Mandrake Jewel

    Large Gemstone

    Tray Quartz

    Delete Fossil

    Holy Stone

    Bright Jewel

    Shade Jewel

    Partner Jewel

    Behemoth Jewel

    Large Gemstone

    Lusterless Quartz

    Delete Fossil

    Holy Stone

    Safe Jewel

    Aquarium Jewel

    Treasure Jewel

    Mash Wyvern Jewel

    Medium Gemstone

    Mossy Quartz

    Life Jewel

    Spirit Jewel

    Energy Jewel

    Petite Fairy Jewel

    Medium Gemstone

    Mossy Quartz

    Holy Stone

    Poison Guard Jewel

    Stun Guard Jewel

    Guard All Jewel

    Doll Jewel

    Small Gemstone

    Weed Quartz

    Holy Stone

    Str+8 Jewel

    Int+8 Jewel

    Miracle Jewel

    Pugwort Jewel

    Spirit Jewel

    Energy Jewel

    This list may not be complete due to less than 100 openings.
    The above drops are obtained in the 4 grinding spots while equipped with 4 Safe Jewels and 1 Treasure Jewel.
    If anyone has more drop items to add, please do so.

    Update: List is updated from contribution.
    Credit: 3beez

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    I’ve seen about 40 safes and all of maybe 2 aquariums so far. Aquariums… so rare for me.


    Just adding some more drops/safes I’ve encountered:

    Black: Mandrake Jewel
    Blue: Holy Stone, Stun Guard Jewel, Weed Quartz, Poison Guard Jewel, Small Gemstone, Guard All Jewel, Doll Jewel
    Green: Mossy Quartz, Treasure Jewel
    Purple: Large Gemstone
    Red: Life Jewel, Petite Fairy Jewel, Medium Gemstone, Mossy Quartz, Holy Stone
    Rock: STR+8 Jewel, Pugwort Jewel, Miracle Jewel

    Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.
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    Hey does anyone remember in ASDH the first gamethat there is an island that are only boulders? Is there a place in asdh2 that is all safes encounter?


    Not that I ever found. I equipped a couple of characters with a bunch of safe/aquarium jewels to increase encounters with them.

    Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.
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