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    I just wanted to share that the extended part of Arnolt Temple is NO JOKE! Even with maxed levels, hitting mobs with unison spells, that hits multiple times doesn’t take them down, you will need to do it a few times. And then there is random dragon that you occasionally run into, that one is a beast. Even on normal setting, my teams gets wiped out.


    You have to:
    1. Increase all your characters’ stats using Seeds
    2. Use well structured sets of jewels (including Reveal, Life, Spirit and Repeat Jewels)
    3. Use good combinations of weapons effects which integrate well with sets of jewels
    4. Have well planned, polished and executed tactics/strategies, be it physical, magical or combination
    to venture in there.

    Teams setup: 1 team Physical (Zack/Izayoi), 1 team Support (Stella/Felix), 1 team Magical (Nadia/Uriel)
    Equip weapon effects such as Critical, Paralysis, Gnome and Silence/BG Restore Up
    Equip Support team with Repeat, Acceleration Jewels. Cast Attack Up x Attack Up (Unison spell on all teams) on 1st turn.
    Then unleash Zack’s Microburst/Unison spell and Magical team’s Unison spell.
    Support team focus on buffing, debuffing and healing.
    Physical and Magical teams focus on attacks, only buff/debuff/heal when situation really calls for it.


    Islandi if your wondering what does shield jewel does it null physical attacks
    Didn’t notice i got these…


    Oh.. ok. I don’t have Shield Jewel 🙁
    AND…. I have used Unison spell “Full Counter” (Single Team: Reflects all damage once) and it’s still useless. 🙁 🙁

    There must be a way to defeat Bloody Maidame Curie without IAP items…


    Just get your party member stats above 4k and its no problem.


    What do I have if I defeat Bloody Maidame Curie?



    Maidame’s Medal. That’s the Proof of beating Her. Regardless of the Difficulty you set.

    Welcome 😇


    That fight was so easy to gimmick to death imo. With 9999 speed on one char and one particular weapon on that char


    Any Super Boss Battle in most KEMCO games are easy when you take on a boss with MAX Stats regardless of the Difficulty. I wish that KEMCO would make a fight that would be tough for MAX Stats people [Like most Final Fantasy games do where most Optional Bosses for normal players required Getting the whole party to Max Level and best equipment to even have the chance (at least until the people found the strategies for lowest levels and stats to do so.)

    If someone looks for challenge, maxing stats is the worst thing unless it’s the only way to progress through specific fight (Example is my play through the Fernz Gate where I practically went through the Main Game just by level ups because of constant Buddy Rings Grind thanks to Arena but once I went for the Post-game Dungeons I found out that I’m not good enough. So I made the stats for the Party to 1000 which still gave a challenge for the Level 800 Arena fight which was great and very tight for those stats. And right after that I saw Maidame Curie at Final Dungeon. Quick Death but with 4k Stats I cleared the Fight in similar way to the Arena Fight.)

    So depending on stats you will either win Easily by being at max stats or harder but more interesting way by beating the strongest enemy by using a clever Strategy with low stats.

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