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    EDIT: Never mind. Got it.
    The achievements are listed in no particular order, but these are the ones that I have. I missing just the one, but can’t figure out what it might be. Got all the true endings Felix, Stella, Uriel, Nadia and Celine; defeated Bloody Maidame Curie; got the armor from Gazillion challenge…. Maybe it’s a difficulty-related achievement?

    1. Tourist (Walked 5000 steps.)
    2. Beginning of an Adventure (Watched the opening.)
    3. Combo Kid (Achieved 10 consecutive hits.)
    4. Snowy Days Gone By (Returned to Ayle Village.)
    5. Traveler (Walked 50000 steps.)
    6. Hobbyist (Synthesized a weapon to level 10.)
    7. Gold Digger (Collected 50 treasure chests.)
    8. Nice Hit (Dealt 10000+ damage in a single attack.)
    9. Forger (Synthesized a weapon to level 100.)
    10. Ahoy! (Obtained a ship.)
    11. Globetrotter (Walked 100000 steps.)
    12. Treasure Hunter (Collected 100 treasure chests.)
    13. Picker (Harvested from a planter 10 times.)
    14. Newbie (Cleared the bronze cup at the battle arena.)
    15. Combo Pro (Achieved 200 consecutive hits.)
    16. Deadly Strike (Dealt 100000+ damage in a single attack.)
    17. Part-Timer (Dispatched buddies 10 times.)
    18. Ender of Enders (Dealt 999999 damage in a single attack.)
    19. Mighty Man (Cleared the silver cup at the battle arena.)
    20. Champion (Cleared the gold cup at the battle arena.)
    21. Arena Master (Cleared the Maid Cup at the battle arena.)
    22. Disbanded (Decided to persuade companions to work together.)
    23. Showdown! (Resolved to take on the former deities.)
    24. Memories of Asdivine (Earned the normal end.)
    25. Master Collector (Collected all 280 treasure chests.)
    26. The Great Battle! (Determined to fight the Angel of Doom.)
    27. Asdivine Forevermore (Earned the True End.)
    28. Battle Expert (Cleared the highest level of the secret battle arena.)
    29. Busybody (Cleared all subquests.)
    30. True Craftsman (Synthesized a weapon to level 999.)
    31. Combo Hotshot (Achieved 50 consecutive hits.)
    32. To the Rescue! (Made for the east entrance of Yolkai Hollow.)
    33. Harvester (Harvested from a planter 100 times.)
    34. Money Mogul (Dispatched buddies 100 times.)
    35. Everyone is Happy (Earned the Happy End.)*

    { max all trust levels}

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    Huge congrats! You made a clean sweep of the game: all endings, complete enemy guide, all achievements….you have no worlds left to conquer! Applause and awestruck admiration!

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