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    How many endings do we have here? So far I finished normal endings, Celine and General ending. Are there more normal endings?


    Yes, there are. Every party member has their own specific ending, but you need to get them at max Trust (200). You can find up to 3 Secret Presents (and 1 item for Nadia) up to the Normal Ending point; combined with the Presents, all of the story-related decisions to help boost trust should get you pretty close if not right at 200, except for Nadia who starts with a lower Trust than everyone else. If you need more Trust-raising items, you’ll have to farm them at the Battle Arena; all of them can be bought with Guild Coins.

    Once you get any party member at 200 Trust, beat the game and get the normal ending (if you’re at New Game Plus at this point, remember to

    “choose to restrain Alicia” to go on the Normal Ending path

    ). You get the character ending right after the credits.

    I have not tested what happens if you get more than one character at max Trust before beating the game, so I can’t tell you who gets priority for getting the character ending. But so far, I’m guessing that even if you’ve maxed Celine’s trust, any party member’s ending takes precedence over hers if any of their Trust levels are at 200.

    EDIT: Sorry for the late response! But now I have tested and found out that, in fact, the characters have separate Normal and True Endings! I still have not yet tested if there is a “Harem” ending for getting everyone’s Trust Levels to 200, and I have not yet obtained Celine’s ending either (no one has documented where all of the obtainable dolls are, so I must be missing one somewhere…), so there would be a total of 10 endings (8 for your party members, both Normal and True versions; 1 with Celine (I don’t think you can get Celine’s ending without going to Reveria) and 1 with everyone, if there is one with everyone).

    Currently, I have also not tested for other characters’ endings at the “True Ending” point; give me a few days and I might be able to give you a better answer.

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    For Normal ending you need 185+ trust (7? dolls)
    For True ending you need 200 trust (all 10 dolls)
    For True Happy ending you need all 5 max trust

    If more than 1 character have required trust
    Felix > Stella > Uriel > Nadia > Celine

    If everyone below normal ending requirement = no extra ending cutscene

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