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    Hey all, been a while, haven’t been gaming much lately, but anyone found good weapon grinding mobs/spots? Not having much luck in that department yet….thanks all!


    Fairy island
    obtained equipment: weapon of oblivion(A set of sword,shoes,baton,ball and chainsaw)
    obtained item:(check it by yourself,don’t be lazy Will you !)
    obtained seed:ability seed(one and only seed at fairyland)
    prepared equipment and Jewel
    1.sacred torch(with 50% -100% critical chance,steal chance,BG restore up and parlysis)
    2.floral ball(50-100%,citical,steal,BG restore,and silence)
    3.texas chainsaw(50-100%critical,poison,BG restore and silence)
    4.railroad sign(50-100% critical,gnome,parlysis and BG restore
    5.bare legs(50-100%critical,gnome,parlysis and BG restore
    Armor:don’t worry you CAN easily get a lunar set from an ancient monument at map
    1.lunar dress x3(you can use the monument 3 Times)
    World:archelio the white wonderland(can be obtained with a ship)
    2.lunar scale x1(should i told it,i think no??right)
    World:asdivine the start of legendary journey/central world(only by a flying pugwort you able to reach it)
    3.lunar armor x1(???)
    World:reveria the parrarel world
    You need to summon flying pugwort to reveria so that way you able to reach it(after you get back from Hinah Shrine,and at morning maidame Curie Will open the forgotten village and you also able to use flying pugwort)
    While at my case i am using luxurious outfit
    7x metal Jewel
    2x rare Jewel
    1x attract Jewel
    5x thief jewel(used by all party member
    And tadaaaa you prepared with a battle with A strange fairy(that born from nowhere(if Felix and nadia create them then why they need to kill it if it was created by shaddai it was more impossible right?)so wish you good luck!!

    This one is telling the

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