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    Hello everyone!

    Asdivine Hearts II will be coming out on Xbox in a few weeks and I was hoping to get some guidance on the achievements before then so I have a plan going in. Really the only ones I’m unsure of are:

    -For getting all 280 chests and all subquests (are any missable? guessing no, these games are usually good about that)

    -Requirements for True and Happy endings (assuming True = complete “second” ending and Happy = max trust with all characters – does it matter when, aka before the “normal” or “true” end?)

    Thanks in advance!

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    Well, truth is, Asdivine Hearts 2 is… a half-baked game.

    You can find the treasure list here

    (May be incomplete) Some treasures are discrete, but can be found.

    About endings, @inkwarrior explained pretty well about them here.


    Side note: Don’t forget to see some construtive critics about why many of us dislike the game here, but for short, it’s a prototype for releasing Fernz Gate. (Just like Seph. Stories is a prototype for Seek Hearts, iirc).

    It have some stuff in spoiler tags – as usual, DO NOT OPEN SPOILER TAGS, unless you know what you’re doing. You know. They are spoilers. These baddies eats NPCs dialogs and stuff, I heard. Very dangerous. I hope you have grinded enough guts to open them 😀

    (Yes, it is a joke)


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