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    As the title says, is it possible for the elemental jewel alpha to not work? I noticed no growth further level 50 in elements that are not the character’s own one even after grinding for a while with the jewel.

    But the individual elemental jewel for each element (let’s say void jewel alpha) are working just fine equipped in other characters.

    Is it possible for it to not be working or maybe I just need to grind more?




    I believe that’s because the elemental jewels let you use all spells you’ve unlocked to the point but prevents your spell levels from going up.

    So the jewels are there for when you max out all the elements and have no need for SP anymore. They’re also there for those bosses where you need to use all spells and have a particular accessory equipped such as one that blocks sleep.

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    Nevermind. I needed to grind more. Elemental alpha is the one to level up all elements up to 99. I know which ones you say but I don’t have any of them in this game yet (I think).


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