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    Heya Guys This Is Azyleo With A Guide To Help Beginners Get Started And Know the Mechanics Of This Game. This is actually my first guide but it doesnt hurt to try and help, right. So here I go.This maybe a Mobile Game However This Game Has The Biggest Mechanics In Kemcos History After Alphadia Genesis 2 , Revenant Saga, and Alphadia Genesis and Illusion of L’Phalicia.

    Some Basics You Guys Should Know

    Like any other normal RPG Asdivine Hearts is Very Easy On Easy Mode, A Little of Challange on Normal Mode. However on Hard Mode this game is quite of a Challange and on Expert Is Insane and should not be played with when You have played half if the game.

    EXP And Gold Multipliers And Their Kind

    Now This is Something everyone wants to know, so let me explain it some Detail. This Game has Two types of Exp and Gold Multipliers:

    1. The Item Based Multiplier
    2. The Difficulty Based Multiplier

    1:The Item Based Multiplier:

    Now the word Item here is a pretty big giveaway of what I am going to explain.
    Basically, the game offers you items to gain more EXP and Gold during your playthrough, but even then they are also categorized into two Types, Which are the Permanent Multipliers(Which Are Only Bought in the shop with Asdivine Hearts Points AKA, AHP) and the Consumable Item Multipliers(Bought At Shop in Arena Using Coins )

    The Permanent Items are a One time Buy Called Orbs and Will then be placeholded in your Inventory(Under Key Items, Each Multiplier Costs 180p and are not shared across Saves). Each Multiplier here , either EXP, Coin, Gold and SP is 2X. That is the EXP,Gold,SP and Coin you gain are 2X(Doubled).

    All the Items which have The words Orbs After them are Permanent Multipliers

    Now The Latter, Which is Consumable Based EXP Multipliers. These can only be obtained through Coin Shops(Arena Shops), Some treasure Chest in dungeons and ofcourse AHP shop. All Of These Items Give a Multiplier of 2X but must be used during the battle, to take effect of. These wear off After the battle(Recommended is too be only used on Bosses(Any Boss) and Enemies at Chronotasia and Trial Tower, as these yield the highest EXP, Gold and SP).The following image can be taken as an example:

    You Can See the Items whose name are faded out are Multipliers,Minus the Giant Donut

    2:The Difficulty Based Multipliers

    Multipliers here are only affected on Hard and Expert Mode.
    Easy Mode: No Multipliers.
    Normal Mode:Drop Rate Multiplier 0.5X
    Hard Mode: 1.5X Multiplier on EXP, SP, Gold and Drop Rate
    Expert Mode: 2X Multipliers on EXP,SP,Gold And Drop Rate.

    Because Of Some Technicalities The Guide is Expanded On a Post After The Relative two Posts

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    MSG Commander

    Great stuff Azyleo! I’m looking forward to more.

    Thanks for sharing this!

    All your base are


    MSG Commander, yeah there is.more to come, and I.will do one on.Kriesea aswell( the hardest game) Will be made painfully easy in my guide so look forward to that aswell.


    Moving On Too Some Abbreviations

    So that we are finally here, let me first specify and aswell as clarify some Abbreviations the game and I shall use.

    HP = Health Points
    MP = Magic Points
    SB = Skill Bar
    EXP = Experience Points
    SP = Skill Points
    TG = Trust Guage
    OvK = Overkill
    KD = Knock Down or Ingame Called Swoon
    SE = Status Effects or Ingame Called Abnormal Status.

    Status Bar

    1. Health Points AKA HP
      Now what is HP. HP is the Red Health Bar On Your Characters Status Screen Below, If an Enemy hits You, You will lose HP depending in the value you are hit, For Example Zack Has 125 HP and Slime Attacks Him With a power of 12 so Zacks Remaining HP is 113. Similarly just like You, the enemies also have HP bars that are above there Heads. Once yiu have dealt enough damage and the guage is depleted, the enemy will die, however be aware that the same can happen to you, if your HP has Fallen to 0 Character will be KD and unable to participate in battle until revived by a spell or by an Item. It is best to heal before this situation arises as you will be put at a very big disadvantage if done so.
    2. Magic Points AKA Mana Points
      This Specifies the amount of magic your characters can use in battle, if your MP falls to 0 you will not die however you will be unable to cast magic. Either supportive or offensive
    3. Skill Bar AKA SB
      This is the Purpled Colored Bar under your HP and MP on your status screen.Β This is by default 9 and cannot be increased beyond this value. Once the Bar hits Zero you cannot use skills however dont worry as by default you gain 1 point every turn and sometimes by attacking enemies with 50% chance to gain one point on SB.
      Be Aware as Different Skills Use Different Amount of SB, Final Skill(Learnt Between 90-100) uses All 9, as they are Final Attacks for Your Character.

      A Very Good Example of The Status Bar, Here You Can See The HP Bar(Red Colour), the MP Bar (Green Coloured) and Of Course The Skill Bar(Purple Coloured)

    Level UP Points

    1. EXP AKA Experience Points
      The Amount of Experience Points You Have Gained During a battle is Called EXP. Its Also Called the Amount of EXP you need to Level Up, Once Enough Exp Points Have Been Earned and The Total Amount to Reach Next Level Reaches 0, you Will Gain a Level. Ultimately The Highest Level is Lv.999 Which is Achievable( Which Is a Must When You Need To Defeat The Ultimate Bonus Super Boss On Expert Mode)
    2. SP AKA Skill Points
      The Amount Of Skill Points You Have Gained During Battle is Called SP. Its Also Called the Amount of SP You Need To Level Up Your Elements( Either Light Based or Dark Based or Void Based or All Three). The Amount of SP is Not Shared Among The Elements and Level Up Independently. Highest Elemental Level Up is 99, and is required in the Final Boss( On Hard or Expert Mode). On Level 99 Ultimate Skills are Unlocked and When All Elementals Have Reached Lv 99 on one Character, the Ultimate Joint Skill Is Unlocked, Called TheWorlds End

    Trust Gauge AKA TG

    Trust Gauge Is a Type Of Gauge When Filled Up can unleash Character Specific Attacks. One thing to note is that the trust guage is entirely consumed when a character specific Special Attacks Are Used. This guage is only acquired through quarter of the game. Dealing Attacks and High Damage Quickly Builds UP trust guage, however it is noticed that Limit Breaks Cause the Trust Gauge to Build Up even More Faster. Be aware that Certain Bosses at Expert use Trust Gauge Attacks(Although Very Rarely)
    It should be noted that Trust Guage is Depleted upon escaping and symbolizes a act of cowardice, but escaping when the time comes is bravery, since trust guage can be build up by attacks, dead characters cannot so be alert.

    You Can See The Trust Gauge and Status Bar

    OverKills AKA OvK
    OverKills were first introduced in Alphadia series, and since then have become a part of kemco games. Something, You should note is that OverKills Happen Two ways. You can Also Overkill(Yielding Bonus) and The Enemy can Also OverKill(Only in Hard and Expert, the amount of EXP and Gold is Reduced by the amount of OverKill you received i.e, 2%Decrease in hard mode, 5%Decrease in Expert). Similarly When You Overkill an Enemy, You gain 5% MP per OverKill Attack and 5% Gain in Gold and EXP per Overkill attack).

    KnockDown AKA KD or Swoon
    This is one of the major Status Effects ingame. Knockdown is actually Death in terms of this game, once a Characters HP is 0 they will be unable to participate in battle, if not revived using items or skill. One Thing is to be noted is that you will lose all status multipliers when KD and Your SB will be FORCED to 0(Even if it was 9, it will reset to 0 upon death)

    Status Effects AKA SE
    Its Not an RPG if there arent Status Effects right? SO let me tell you some Status Effects in Brief.

    Float : Changes Your Status From Ground To Float. You Gain High Evasion Stance You Do Less Damage to Monsters and Receive Less aswell.
    Poison : You Will lose 5% HP every Turn, until the effect has worn off
    Death Count : You Character or Enemy Will Get a Death Count above there heads. Randomly the Count is 2-5, if this counter reaches 0, you will be swooned or KD
    Paralysis : You Will be Unable To Move Until the effect has worn off. Bosses if paralyzed are only unable to move for only one turn.
    Rage : You will gain Rage Status, All Your Attacks and Magic Attacks do very High Damage, however you will receive 2X damage during this period.
    You will automatically be shifted to Idle status after some time.
    Idle : All the Damage done and Received will halved until this status effect wears off
    Fever : You Will Constantly Lose 1/4 of both MP and HP until this effect wears off.
    Fatigue : You Will sometimes miss your turns.
    Swoon : AKA death or KD, unable to participate in battle, and will not gain any EXP and SP after battle until Revived.

    Battle Mecahnics and Rubix Cubes

    So We are Finalyl Here arent we. This Section Is going to be very big as this, if not all, most mechanics of this game are going to be discussed in detail which the help section ingame does not provide, including Force Limit Breaks, And OverKill affects after battle.

    Rubix Cubes and Jewel Socketing

    So let me tell You a bit about Rubix Cubes and What effect they have. Rubix Cubes have Sockets in them which Jewels can be placed. These jewels can be bought from Arena Store, By AHP points, and Treasure Chests. Going to a Jewel Synthetist, you can combine two jewels to form a more powerful jewel. Jewel Socketering though not really required on Easy Mode, they are required in Normal Mode and are a Must in Hard and Expert Mode. Jewels Comes in Many Sizes and Some despite there size are useless so, they will be discussed here.

    Types Of Jewels And Rubix

    Too Be Discussed

    Status Parameters

    Here we will talk about Buffs, Nerfs and Various other Status Parameters and There Mechanics Ingame. Parameters affect how well you do in battle and are increased by leveling up, using Jewels, Using Items like Seeds, and Skills (Which temporarily increase Parameter’s). The Types Of Parameters in this Game are as follows:

    ATK : Known As Attack Parameter, Shows the Attack power a character yields. This can be increased by Attack Seed. Zack, Stella, Celine have high Attack
    DEF : Known As Defense Parameter, Shows the Defense and amount of damage a character can decrease. can be Increased Defense Seed. Zack and Celine have high Def. Stella and Felix have Moderate while Uriel Has Low Def
    INT: Known as Intelligence Parameter. This increases MATK. Uriel, Felix have high int, while Zack,Stella and Celine have Moderate INT
    SPD : Known As Speed, Shows How fast your character is and how early the characters turn comes. Can be increased By Speed Seed and Effects the Hidden Stat EVA. Felix and Uriel have high Speed, Stella and Celine have Moderate, While Zack Has Low Speed Stat
    MATK : A Hidden Stat, which Uriel has high stat in, Stella and
    MDEF : Hidden Stat, known as Magical Defense, Zack and Stella have High MDEF, Uriel and Felix have Moderate, while Celine has low MDEF
    EVA : Hidden Stat, Shows How much Your character has the ability to dodge.
    STR : Known as Strength, is increased By ATK. Celine HAS VERY HIGH STR. Even more than Zack.
    MAG : Increased By INT, and Known as Magic. Uriel and Felix Have High MAG.

    Increase In Status Parameters

    Status Parameters(The one explained above) Can be Increased Items. These Items are Known asSeeds. These sort of items permanently increase the status parameters and are a must for Hard Mode and Expert Mode. Status Parameters, also can be increased by Skills Temporarily. Light Gem has Skills to increase Parameters.

    Buffs And DeBuffs and Situational Skills

    Buffs and DeBuffs have a major part in victory against strong enemies, you must know when too Buff Yourself and DeBuff Enemies. Be careful as Enemies themselfs can do this to you.
    Holy or Light : These Types Are Buffers and Healers.
    Dark or Shadow : These Types Have DeBuffers and Give status effects.
    Void or Nothingness( This Word is Actually Used Ingame ): These types can only Give status effects, mostly paralysis.

    Situational Skills are those Skills that you or Enemies Possess when certain situations arrive. One if these is revive, this skill revives a character with 25% or 50% HP. Additionally Characters have Skills which are fit for specific types of enemies. Zack has the Ability to One Hit KO Dark Elemental Bosses and Enemies, While Stella has Attacks which Cripple Floating Enemies and Change Float Status. Celine has AOE and Status Effect Attacks which ignore enemy defense. Uriel has AOE DeBuff Attacks, which are supportive aswell. Felix Has an AOE attack, Steal Skills and An Amazing Self Buff Which Increases attack and defense by 3X and Speed By 5X(Making Her the Most deadliest characters in game).

    Joint Elemental Attacks OR Special Elemental Attacks

    These Skills can Only Be Unlocked When a Character has two or more Elemental Jewels equipped and are leveled up to a certain level. These Skills are Highly Supportive and aswell as Highly Defensive and Offensive, As the cost major MP aswell. Each Combination of Elemental Jewels Give different skills. Similarly equipping all three jewels(Light, Dark and Void) will give all Special Skills to the certain Character. One of this Skill is Instant Death to all Enemies ( Excluding Bosses).

    These Skills Will be later discussed aswell as how to obtain them.

    Battle Mechanics,Combos, Overkill’s,Formations,Skills, Limit Breaks and Force Break Limit

    Now This Where the main games Mechanics are too be found. At its core Asdivine Hearts is an RPG, so naturally Most of its Mechanic’s You Can Find In Famous RPGs aswell. Limit Breaks will be discussed here in greater detail. Combo’s will also be discussed aswell as how they effect the break guage, trust guage, overkills and the reward screen. Force Break Limit is something I came up with. Basically it is a way to force breaks in this game, this is a still work in progress but I have found It To be working on 60% of the time in Both Bosses and Enemies Alike.


    Ah Yes Formations, One Of the Very Few Things You Have to Keep in Mind During Battles. Having a Wrong Formation In a Boss Battle Will Leave You Crippled, Literally. There are a total of 13 Formations And All Have There Uses, The Last One Being Hidden Called The Maidenator 13 Which Can Only Be Obtained My Clearing the 100,000,000 Damage Goal On The Secret Arena, And The Violence Gear Being The Best Formations. But First You Must Know Of These:

    Whole Guards

    1. VanGuard
      Keep Your Physical Attackers Here, As They Have the Most HP, High Defense and Act Like Tanks. You Do 20% More Damage And Receive 25% More Damage Aswell
    2. MidGuard
      Keep Your Moderate Fighters Here, Especially Stella, Because She Can Do the Most Damage Here, It Has 15% Physical Damage Reduction And No Side Effects
    3. RearGuard
      Keep All Magic and Healers Here. There Physical Attacks Only hit 30% Less and also Have A Damage Reduction of 30%. Dont Keep Stella And Zack Here, Because There Attack Power is Reduced to 60%, So Be Aware

    Types of Formations
    Free Formation : Does Nothing. But Can Be Tinkered With To Get a Good Formation.
    Cross Boost : Vanguard Gets DEF Up 2 Ranks, Mid Guards ATK increases By 1 Rank. Vanguard Gets Always Hit By Physical Attacks
    Lets Do This : All Allies Get SPD Up 1 Rank. No Negative Effects
    Pumped Up : All Allies Get INT up 1 Rank. No Negative Effects
    Shadow Menace : All Allies Get DEF Up 1 Ranks. no Negative Effect
    Assail : All Allies Get SPD up 1 Rank and Normal Attacks Do 1.2x Times the Damage. All Allies Will Receive 20% More Damage from Physical Attacks
    Fighters Boost : VanGuard Do 1.2x more Damage and All Allies Get a SPD Bost of 10%. 10% Random Chance to Get Status Effects.
    Defense Force : DEF is Increased By 2 Ranks. All Allies Will Receive Magical Damage Upto 20%
    Violence Gear : Normal Attacks Will be Countered and Counter Damage is 1.5x Times The Enemy Attack. All Allies Will Receive All Types of Damage Upto 20%
    Blood Pool : RearGuards Gain 20% MP Each Turn On Account of Losing 5% HP Each Turn
    Silencer : STR and SPD Increases By 20%. Put Into Sleep Status on Start of Battle
    Beat Strategy : Skill BAR Fills 25% Faster but Flee Success Rate is 0%9 Except Skills)
    Absolute : You Wont Die From Any Type of Attack. All Allies Have a 33% Chance to Die Each Turn.( Welp )
    Maidentor 13 : ( Hidden 14th Formation ) Exp X2 Gained End of Battle on Account of The Gold Will be Halved Each Battle

    Limit Breaks

    This a by far the most useful game mechanic and also by far the deadliest one as your enemies can also limit break. When You deal Enough amount of Damage In a Turn a Limit Break.Symbol will appear, this will cause the character who dealt the last damage to deal more damage using 2-5 random Skills or Magic with out any Decrease in SB and MP. It is to be noted that if a character limit breaks with skills, he will have to choose only the Skills during Limit Break and will not be able to choose Magic. Similarly, if a character Limit breaks with Magic You will be unable to select any Skills.


    Most of the Combat Mechanics will be discussed in this section. Combo’s are basically a Chain of attacks you do on your enemies(Same with Enemies and Vice Versa). Combo’s stop once any enemies turn comes, even if the enemy misses the turn or is paralyzed, your combo will finish there. Combo’s Have a Certain Chance to Fill Up the Trust Gauge Rather Quickly, plus, after each Combo Your Attack is Significantly Increased Yielding more. Damage to enemies. Combo’s also have the Mechanic to Force Break Limit (AKA Force Limit Break ). For This To Happen The Combo Counter has To be above 23 and a High Damage Attack Should Be dealt here, Now this has a 60% Chance of activating, what I recommend is the Combo Counter to be Even and The last Hit Should Be A AOE High Damage Attack. This Will force The Game to Limit Break, Thus Breaking the game’s Limit (Hence the name Force Break Limit).

    Combo’s, Mixed With OverKills and Limit Breaks

    Combo’s and Overkills have a Very Good Combination with each other. Same with Combo’s and Limit Breaks, and With Limit Break OverKills. And Combining All Three Of them Have an Interesting Result. Your OverKilling With Limit Breaks Gives Even more Exp and Gold than Normal Overkills. Similarly Overkilling With a High Combo Counter Also Yields More Exp and Gold. If You Keep The Combo.Counter High Enough and overkill with that Combo Counter, The Bonus Exp you Gain is The same as.the Exp You Gain which Incidentally can be
    Even more than that. Doing a Combo Break Limit Overkill gives an even more outstanding Amount of EXP amd Gold on Exp Bonus, which are even Double the value of the EXP earned, perfect for leveling Up really fast(This is only possible after level 40 because thats when you will Learn High Combo Skills)
    Here You need to have a High Combo Counter and Just be About To Kill an Enemy, then you have to Force Break Limit with an Overkill, giving you more 2-5 turns to Demolish Enemies and Overkill enemies at the same time.

    Types Of Enemies

    Normal: Normal Everyday Enemies, That You Will Encounter Regularly Throughout Your Travels.

    Leader Enemies: These Are Higher Version Of Normal Enemies. They Have High Def, Atk, Spd, and Matk, Aswell As Leader Exclusive Skills. Leader Exclusive Skills Are Exclusive To These Types Of Enemies, having the ability to increase various parameters of all enemies until they are dead. Killing these first is recommended. A brief Explanation About The Leader Skill Is Given on the Top Left Screen Of The Game.

    Titan Enemies: Normal Enemies, Which are Bigger, Badder And Meaner. They Are Shown in RED tint and Have Extremely High Def and ATK, But Very Low SPD. Their Single Normal Attack Can 1-Hit Kill You. Recommended To Leave For The Last, if Approached By. However Fleeing Is also Recommended. Unlike Journey ToΒ Kresia, These Giga Version Have More EXP, SP and Gold.

    Guide Version:1.1b , more to be added soon including, images, Grammer Correction, Proof reading, and Many More.

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    Can you help with something we get this when we try to purchase Trial Tower Key.


    Please look at your PM.


    Did anyone ever discuss the jewels and rubix in asdivine hearts?

    Kylee Pugh


    Can you help with something we get this when we try to purchase Trial Tower Key.

    While playing Asdivine Hearts on the Wii U, I encountered the same error message when I tried to purchase the Trial Tower Key from the Shop menu: “Current inventory has exceeded limits for a transaction.”

    I tried to advance the purchase anyway, just by hitting the “confirm” button on the controller. The game prompted me to save. I saved. The purchase was a success, and I currently have access to the interior of Trial Tower.

    My guess is that the error message is either a bug or a text mistranslation when Kemco ported Asdivine Hearts to consoles.

    From what I have read, Trial Tower is an in-app purchase on the mobile version, but console ports of Asdivine Hearts don’t have in-game purchases with real-life money. Console ports of Asdivine Hearts also don’t have paid DLC. Perhaps Kemco/Exe-Create were still working out the kinks of the “AHP” in-game currency and the Shop menu.

    Favorite RPG of all time: Journey to Kreisia (by Exe-Create)

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