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    The Boss Battle Guide

    Some Abbreviation’s:
    VG : Vanguard
    MG : Midguard
    RG : Rearguard
    This Guide is for those having trouble in beating this game. Every Boss Battle will be Written Here With a Detailed Approach With Minimum Requirements to Beat Them.( I am Still working on the Mechanics Guide and You should Look at it). So Kids and Guys, Girls and Ladies, and Gentlemen this guide will be updated when I myself will go through the bosses Again( So to give You a very Good Approach). Conversely If You Have an Even Better strategy on hard mode and expert mode, please do tell and your Strategy will be updated here with your name.
    So Without Furthur Ado

    Mild Lizard

    Minimum Level Requirment : 5
    Recommended Level Requirement : 7
    My Party Level : Zack 6 , Stella 6, Felix 5
    Formation : Stella (VG), Zack(MG) , Felix(RG)
    Strategy: This is a pretty straightforward Battle, He will either Use Normal Attack, Smash or Bite in this Battle. However Its each and every attack does 30+ Damage and Bite doing 60+ and Smash doing 80+ Damage. No matter what you do it will always strike first. You have to use No Magic Skills Except Heal and Guard Down. Start of the battle with Guard Down or Pinpoint Strike to Bring down its DEF and SPD. Proceed Using Skills with Only 1 SB point and Constantly Keeping Your HP above 80+. ( Zack and Felix will do the healing while stella will constantly attack). Dont Forget To steal Jewel Using Felix before ending the battle.

    Brorsen Ogre and Brorsen Fairy

    Minimum Level : 11
    Recommended Level : 13
    My Party Level : Zack 12, Stella 12, Felix 12, Uriel 12
    Brorsen Fairy HP : 799
    Drop : INT +2 Jewel
    Brorsen Fairy Skills : Hot Glare, Pierce, Bash
    Brorsen Ogre Skills : Stomp, Bash, Heavy Strike and Bite
    Formation : Zack(VG) , Stella (MG) , Uriel (RG) , Felix(RG)
    Strategy : If You are the Same level as I then the fairies will arrive First. Felix is to be the main Healer here, provided that Zack Uses Attack UP and Heal on Uriel Conditionally. Bring Up Uriels ATK and INT Parameter to +2 and Use Shadow Flame on Fairies For Massive Damage, Use Stella’s “Dont Be Snooty” Only on the Fairies One Time for Massive Damage, Killing Them In two turns. Be vary of Ogre As It can use Stomp To Cause Fatigue(You Will Miss Some of Your Moves). Uriel If She Has Taken Enough Damage Goes Into Rage Status, Causing Even More Damage.(Having Leather Collar In this Fight is a Good Idea, because of its effect to Omit SB bar Usage for Skills Occassionally) Steal STR + 4 Jewel from Ogre Before finishing the battle.


    Arnoltis Flower And Jiggler

    Minimum Party Level: 21
    Recommended Party Level: 22
    My Party Level: Zack 24, Stella 23, Felix 23, Uriel 22, Celine 24
    Formation: Lets Do This.
    Arnoltis Flower Skills: Hot Glare(AOE Ver), Poison Mist, Double Claw
    Jiggler HP:
    Jiggler Skills: Weapon Break,Defense Break, Sticky Fluid.
    Strategy: This Boss Battle Is Without a Doubt Very Easier Then The Previous One. Keep Zack And Felix On Heal, Stella and Uriel To Use Shadow Flame Continously Until The Two Jiggler Dies and Celine For AOE Attacks And Item Usage, Once The Jiggler Dies, This Battle Becomes a Whole Easier, Just Blast Arnoltis Flower Away By Using Lightning. Steal Using Zack and Felix Both, Before Ending The Battle.

    Buffalo Raven

    Minimum Party Level: 23
    Recommended Party Level: 24
    My Party Level: Zack 25, Stella 25, Felix, 25, Uriel 24, Celine 25
    Formation: Lets Do This
    Buffalo Raven Skills: Charge, Bash, Double Claw, Wind Breath.
    Strategy: Buffalo Raven Will and Always Will Use Charge In Its First Turn( It Will Do Double The Damage The Next Turn), so Immediately Cast Line Guard Up On Every Character to Bring There DEF and SPD Rank 2. Use Attack Down and Guard Down On The Boss, So It Deals Less Damage And Retrieves More. Buffalo Raven Will Occasionally Use Double Claw And After Some Time Will Use Wind Breath, The Damage is Quite Less, But Deranks SPD 1 Rank, But Since You Have The Lets Do This Formation, Your SPD will not fall below 1 Rank. Steal By Using Both Zack and Felix Before Ending the Battle. Overall Not a Hard Battle


    Mysterious Women:

    Minimum Level:28
    Required Level:30
    My Level:31
    Strategy:This Boss Is Seriously Easy Compared to Buffalo Raven. However She Casts Status Effects Every Now and Then. However her defense and attack and attack is very low, she has high MATK( High INT ) reduce her INT at the start of battle so her AOE Attacks Like Wind Breath, put your HP in the red zone.


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