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    Her ability where are you looking isint described too well. Attack single target at random at half health 10 digit +1. Now I used this ability a lot and I still don’t understand it what decides how many hits because it always seems like it’s random can someone describe this skill better to me. Also how can you determine a skills damage like which skill is the best as far as damage. Sorry for bad grammar anew to the forums


    Let me explain it a bit. Suppose Stella’s HP is 3456
    Half of this HP is 1728
    The number hits dealt is by the 10th digit of the half of the current HP which Stella has at the moment. Right now the 10th digit is 2 and not 5 ( since 2 is the 10th digit of half the total HP ) + 1 Extra digit which tell us that 2+1 =3.
    I.e the final amount of hits will be by 3.
    As for skills. End level skills are the best.

    If you still don’t understand ask again and I will give an even more detailed explanation.

    Note however that here, the HP is the TOTAL HP Stella currently has. If she is damaged then the Half of the HP will change by the amount she is damaged. That is why the total hits are different every time.

    EDIT: I deleted your previous topic since it was exactly the same.


    If you’re looking for consistencey during boss fights, then Stella will be the one to make bosses cry. If Celiene has the skill where she causes an enemy to float and Stella has the skill where she deals 2x damage to floating enemies, then you can cause some serious hurt. Have Zack and Felix buff Stella’s attack by 2 ranks. Then if your trust gague is full, have Uriel use her break skill that causes all aliments and status drops on all enemies (including bosses). After that, have Celiene use her Float-causing attack. Then have Stella use her 2x Damage skill VS floating enemies. You can sometimes even reach 5-6 digits on some bosses if done perfectly

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    LemmyTheLenny has pretty much given a boss killer combo. You can pretty much kill any boss in no time flat with the above mentioned skills + Uriel’s Debuffs.

    However in endgame Felix becomes your main boss fighter.

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