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    So I’ve been replaying Hearts just to pass the time, and I realized that the first time I played this game I didn’t understand the rubix/jewel system AT ALL. (So yes, you can beat the game without any super cool jewels equipped; it just probably takes a bit longer ’cause you’ll have to do some grinding to get to a high enough level – or fight the Final Boss on Easy…) :whistle:

    Does anyone have any good recommendations for what jewels to use for the last few areas? I am using the Experience Jewel (the one that adds EXP to the end of battle, not the +1 EXP with each step.) and a Drop Jewel, and SP Jewel so hopefully I’ll learn some better magic spells soon…

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    Our playing styles are almost exactly opposite. I prefer battles to be easy, ideally OHKs, even bosses (unless they have something good to steal!). I like to explore, find the treasures, complete lists, and enjoy the story.

    Obviously, my play style is OP. That being said, I like the STR+32 jewels and the Variant jewel* (it takes a lot of room but can seriously up the damage done). If you’re a magic user (meh, magic is too slow. lol), You might want some INT+32 jewels and an MP Add jewel (adds 1000 mp to character at start of battle). Oh, yeah, almost forgot the Impatient jewel that shortens the magic/skill wait time.

    If you’re using Auto-battle on the mobs, a Next jewel is awesome. If a character OHK a monster, they’ll automatically move on to the next monster, and keep going until they miss or don’t kill it in one hit. Speed is always a good attribute. I have Hi-Speed Jewels on at least 3 of my characters.

    *(Damage increases by 1x for each enemy on the screen at the start of battle. (One per character.))

    NOTE: For other readers and lurkers…here’s a link to the Jewel Synthesis Guide .

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    Yeah, I totally overlooked the +32 jewels. Somehow my brain saw the STR+2 at the start of the game, and I thought, “well that’s not much,” and it just stayed that way (even though STR+32 is a LOT, somehow my brain never made that leap…)

    Anyway I just got the True End, but I kind of rushed through it ’cause I don’t know when the new game is coming out, so I didn’t take a lot of time to mess with different jewels.

    If I decide to try the Trial Tower and secret arena, I’ll do some experimenting and post my results here.

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