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    I have recently acquired #2 Light jewel and #2 Shadow jewel. Which spells are the last spells learned with the #1 jewels? I need to know when to properly equip my characters with the #2 jewels? I think…


    While I cannot provide much info, see at which rank they are. If light or dark are at rank 50 you have exhausted Jewel#1s capabilities and need Jewel #2 to learn skills till Rank 99.


    It doesn’t matter. The #2 jewels allow you to learn magic up to level 99. That includes 1-50. So, if you never equipped an element jewel and then equipped the #2 version, you’d still learn all the spells from 1 – 99. Trust me. I’m not a big fan of magic; so I prefer to equip other stuff and just let the characters learn their own element…until the very end when I’m filling in the lists. 🙂

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