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    Guild Missions (Monster Hunter).
    Some locations are not so easy to find:

    Mission 10 – Sparkling Shells
    Mainly Raging Ocean:
    Ocean SE of Trial Tower.

    Mission 13 – Conqueror of the Heavens
    Raging Sky:
    Sky beetween Phantasma, Alvin City and SE of Laurent Forest.

    Mission 15 – Unknown Edibles
    Raging Earth:
    Island E of Laurent Forest, SW of Alvin City.

    Mission 16 – Danger Man
    Menacia Continent:
    Island SW of Sanlo Village.

    Mission 17 – Golden Bliss
    Maid Archipelago:
    Agglomerate of islands E of Trial Tower.

    Mission 18 – Sullen Requiem
    Metal Region – Expert:
    Island N of Izar Port.
    (Rare encounter)

    Mission 20 – Evolved Paradise
    “C” island NE of Orcus Village.
    (Rare encounter)


    Actually i don’t see any happy ending at asdivine heart

    This one is telling the


    Thanks, but what about the location of the metal behemoth for a guild sidequest? Is it really on the island north of Izar port as well? I can only find metal slimes there… 🙁

    Being different and a loner is not a bad choice...

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