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    Where is the expert metal region in AH?


    Metal Region – Expert:
    Island North of Izar Port.


    I can only find metal slimes there on the island north of Izar port (parallel world) and not the metal behemoth, which is needed for a guild suidequest before going to that last ranked 2 guild sidequests. I wish this game tells where the expert metal region exactly is… 🙁

    Being different and a loner is not a bad choice...


    Apologies for long delay with answer.

    Have not play this game for a long time, so, can give you info just according to my “old last save” with complete monster guide:

    ..oh, and it exactly like my previous post here.

    …but one thing to mention: it’s in Riveria (Do not remember is it a Parralel World or not).

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