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    Anyone know anything about Asdivine Kamora?




    It’s actually Asdivine KamUra 🙂



    Most Complete post: (contains links in Japanese)


    Most Recent post: (contains link to Google Play)


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    Thanks for the links. I searched here and did not find it. Pre-Registered now, can hardly wait.











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    It’s released. $8.99 USD.

    Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.

    Sadly even u bought the game no extra 1000 points for buying extra content. Bad move from kemco and I think all game become more expensive.

    Already 1 hour playing and all feature almost the same. Got plant seed, maid coin, extra content mean need key cost 300 , secret arena and secret quest or extra story.

    About weapon now u need to farm a stone like glarius Savior and improve the stone to equip in weapon. 4 Max for 1 weapon nothing change must.

    So so if u want to buy this one is alright but I’m not really hype to play this one.

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    I like Kemco games so I bought it. Also contacting Kemco to voice my opinion on no bonus Divine Shards and I suggest we all do the same.


    Here is Kemco answer…


    Dear valued customer,
    This is KEMCO customer care.
    Thank you for your sincere feedback!
    Unfortunately, we cannot reveal or guarantee anything about existing or 
    new games, features, updates, platforms or price changes, however, we 
    will use your feedback to improve future game experience!
    Hopefully you will keep enjoying playing KEMCO games.
    KEMCO User Support

    Their most generic answer, from what I’ve seen here before…


    Considering this game was never released as a free game (from the start it was a paid game even in Japan), expecting that it will contain some remium currency was nreasonable. Sure, it would be very nice if it had, but you paid for a game and no for the coins (that you can get for free anyway). Plus, in the shop there isn’t anything interesting anywa (except that key, warehouse keys and extra weapon stocks that in this game are really cheap).

    Anyway, for now I do like this game.


    Most every game I remember buying had bonus coins so I had no reason to think this game would be different. Regardless I am really enjoying the game. And with the extra quests I have warehouse keys already.

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