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    It was a quick job; so not pretty, but here’s a World Map for Asdivine Kamura:


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    If you’re using the world map on the game page:


    About signpost battles


    Signpost boss fights:

    1 – Sakura’s Weapon and Gambit.

    Bottomless Pit Gambit: Restore 20% each turn by snacking on others’ food.

    Maid’s Scoop + 50: Extend harbringer transformation in 2 turns. WEP 139.


    Boss Name: Genbu of the North

    Advised level: I don’t know, 300~ish maybe?

    I had a level 165 party but I ate so many seeds Shiki had nearly 2400 in speed (1500~2300 on other stats). I used Impulse Wave for damage, switching with Hexa Card. The others were to debuff the boss, buff Shiki, healing, reviving, etc.

    My support unit did not last long, and wasn’t for the Transmigration Card weapon Shiki was using to auto-revive on death, and his high speed, it would had been a lost fight for me. I’m not going to attempt these fights again until post-game. (I’m at Main Story 76 at the time of writing this).


    2 – Ayame’s Weapon and Gambit

    Boss Name: Seiryu of East

    Strategy, rewards: ???


    3 – ???? (unreachable by ship)


    4 – Shiranui’s Weapon and Gambit

    Boss Name: Byakko of the West

    Strategy, rewards: ???


    5 – Special Boss

    Boss Name: Kirin (the transcendent)


    Mighty Stone (STR/VIT/INT/SPD +10%)


    Kirin is a light-elemental monster. Try using Dark Inferno and the skill which abosrb HP as needed. Be careful, because Kirin may slow down your whole party.

    Easy on Easy with my OP level 169 party. Shiki had 3600 Speed, and that allowed him to attack twice. With 3700 INT, the battle ended up rapidly. The other members had all 1000+ in each stat, including speed, but they did not got to act before the boss.

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