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    Gasp.Β  It appears that after Kami Tower is destroyed, and after the “ghost” episode there, if you miss something in the tower, you can’t ever get it.Β  I’m missing one monster in the catalog from Kami Tower, and perhaps (I don’t know) some treasure chests.


    Are there any other “missable” items/monsters anyplace else?

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    U still can go inside the tower when the dream harbringer is place there by some event. For chest u can usingΒ  thief scroll it’s help u check how many more left and for monster some of them need deeper to spawn and hard to spawn.


    If you’ve done the bit with dream? harbinger (the sleeping maid you attach to the building), you can still get in. When you stand next to the tower, just tap your action button to get the option to enter.

    Edit: Nevermind. Luther beat me to it. πŸ˜€

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    Ahhh…thank you both.Β  I had already done the dream bit, but didn’t realize it was repeatable.

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