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    As the title said, already open all chest, do rewards, talk to ppl and maybe last resort is to find and talk to all Felix ? Felix encounter are random and very tiring no hints at all for where she go after.



    After the first few, her location does seem to be random. She is NOT where I found her before. This is making me crazy. And it is pain. If the last Mystic Orb and pattern don’t come from her, I have no idea what else to try. I’ve got:

    • All treasure chests (including premium treasuries)
    • All subquests
    • Completed Maid Cup at Battle Arena
    • Completed Bonus Arena
    • Defeated Maidame Cure on Expert
    • I have all the Awards except ‘Total Times Possessed’ and ‘Total times harbingers summoned.’ (I didn’t use them that much.) And of course I don’t have ‘Total Patterns learned.’

    I guess it could be Gazillion Challenge. I didn’t really try that hard. But got over 1 million to win the armor.Β  I sure hope somebody figures this out!



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