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    There are 3 free treasures for which you don’t need the (paid, or use your earned shards) Forgotten Key.  There are 29 treasures you get with the Key, but the only useful ones are (you will need to pass over arrow tiles, so you should have the Hunting Garb):

    critical stone+10

    skill jewel

    vitality jewel

    speed jewel

    strength jewel

    critical stone+25

    pooch magatama


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    In addition to the treasures in the Forgotten Tower, you get the Maidame Magatama.

    You also unlock the signpost “pseudo quest” (it does not show in the quest list) which yields 4 maid weapons ,

    some gambits that allow you to collect all 20 gambits, a mighty stone, and some drops that may be random:

    critical stone+25

    blitz stone+6



    Older, but not wiser

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    (you will need to pass over arrow tiles, so you should have the Hunting Garb):


    I believe you can get some of those by falling down on the floor traps in the floor above, but of course, as I had the Hunting Garb since the begin, I took all rewards and cannot be sure if the traps lead to these treasure chests.


    And pooch magatama doesn’t needs Hunting Garb, it is on the third floor.


    About the boss?
    Speaking on the Tower… Maidame Curie – Hearts is how she looked in Asdivine Hearts, Maidame Curie – Dios is how she was shown in Asdivine Dios, but… Which one is “Maidame Curie – Lost”? Antiqua Lost? Is that like Fernz Gate, which you know it ought to be Asdivine but merely doesn’t share the branding name?

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