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    Person/Gift Black Bun Green Bun Red Bun White Bun Special Gift
    Koyuki -5 -5 +2 +5 +20
    Sakura +5 -5 -5 +2 +20
    Ayame -5 +5 -5 +2 +20
    Shiranui -5 +2 +5 -5 +20


    Note: Special Gift was only tested with Koyuki. I just figured out with it being an IAP purchase (and the sole trust-item on IAP shop) that it should have the same effect on everyone.


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    Well, I didn’t thought in writing this down at start, my earliest save file have about 11 hours (I guess half that time is farming, my team is awesome now).

    3rd Free Time - Asmadaki Village

    Sakura – …a monster
    Shiranui – I would rescue you.

    Ayame (inside the shop) – I’ll take a swig.
    Koyuki (INN) – A flower.

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    I’ve got them, @jesusalva:

    Free Time Scenes
    Akatsuke Town after Doshin Pond
    Koyuki Choose to rub her head.
    Shiranui Choose to cut Shiki’s hair.
    Sakura Choose it has a nice aroma.
    Ayame (in shop) Choose to step in and help
    Asamadaki Village after Kiln Ruins
    Koyuki (scene at inn) Choose flower.
    Shiranui Choose I’ll have a swig.
    Sakura Choose monster.
    Ayame Choose I would rescue you.
    Bay Lodge after Shinmei Village
    Koyuki Choose ‘We’re having fish for dinner.’
    Shiranui Choose ‘I’ll take care of that for you right now.’
    Sakura Choose ‘The feeling is what is important.’
    Ayame Choose ‘…thank you.’
    Akatsuke Town after Kiln Ruins – Chasm
    Koyuki Choose ‘Then up you go!’
    Shiranui Choose Yamabuki Sanctuary
    Sakura Choose ‘Here’s some monster meat.’
    Ayame Choose ‘…you’re fine the way you are.’

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    So what is the trust levels? I mean okay levels 1 through 3 I can’t remember and not starting a new game just to find out what levels does what. Lilly pads Skulls Locks and Cutting bamboo Shoots.


    Hello people

     Trust Level  Koyuki  Sakura  Ayame  Shiranui
     Lv 1: 59 or less  2 lily pads  white souls  2 shoots  gold doors
     Lv 2: 6o – 89  4 lily pads  black souls  3 shoots  doors w/red orb
     Lv 3: 90 or more  all lily pads  red souls  4 shoots  blinking doors


    Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.
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