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    As has been the trend lately with Exe Create games, the monster drops are mostly garbage. There are a very few that drop magatamas and useful stones. But it is easy enough to fill out your own in-game Monster Guide. All you’ll really need is to know what and where the areas are. The World Map (forum and game pages) will help with the where. So, here is quick list of the “what” in the same order as the game’s guide:

    1. Bay Lodge Vicinity
    2. Mount Akeno
    3. Shinonome Village Vicinity
    4. Yamabuki Sanctuary
    5. Akatsuki Town Vicinity
    6. Doshin Pond
    7. Kiyomizu Highway Vicinity
    8. Kiyomizu Highway
    9. Reimei Town Vicinity
    10. Utsushi Peak
    11. Asamadaki Village Vicinity
    12. Kiln Ruins
    13. Yonaga Sea Tunnel Vicinity
    14. Yonaga Sea Tunnel
    15. Hakubo Village Vicinity
    16. Ryusei Gateway
    17. Tasogare Town Vicinity
    18. Tasogare Castle
    19. Utsushi Peak – N. Ent. Vicinity
    20. Utsuhi Peak – North Entrance
    21. Shinmei Village Vicinity
    22. Koto Sanctuary Vicinity
    23. Hakuya Town Vicinity
    24. Kami Tower
    25. Kitakaze Palace
    26. Kami Tower – Basement
    27. Kiln Ruins – Chasm
    28. Last Eden Vicinity
    29. Last Eden
    30. Shigure Shrine – Underground
    31. Zaddes’ Domain
    32. Eques City
    33. Amalur Spire
    34. Judgment Bar
    35. Level 250 Monster Region
    36. Level 350 Monster Region
    37. Level 450 Monster Region
    38. Level 600 Monster Region
    39. Metal Region – Easy
    40. Metal Region – Medium
    41. Metal Region – Hard
    42. Gold Region – Easy
    43. Gold Region – Hard
    44. Mystic Shrine
    45. Sea
    46. Dead Sea
    47. Forgotten Tower
    48. Battle Arena
    49. Secret Battle Arena
    50. Akatsuki Town
    51. Other
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    Great looking map, and I very much appreciate your putting the special labels on areas which in in-game map lacks.

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    Who’s the battle in akatsuki town? Subquest?


    Who’s the battle in akatsuki town? Subquest?

    Subquest #25 asks you to defeat the Calamity Deity in Akatsuki Town. (This monster is the one that shows up in the Monster Guide under the “Akatsuki Town” cue search heading.

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    Help me I’ve been in the east metal monster area for 15 hours now and haven’t found on metal monster yet

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    Are you sure you’re in the right area? The easy metal monster area is at the southwest tip of the continent with Reimei Town. The area is only accessible by ship or air.Β  The medium metal monster area is a small island, accessible only by air, just south of the easy area. The hard metal monster area is the larger island (via air only) and the smaller island (air and ship) south east of Kami Tower continent.


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    Thanks I was looking at a different map and I was in the wrong area till I found your map. I should’ve came here first. Oh by the way at the end of the game do you have a map showing where everything is in the first time you fight the last boss?

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    And how do you do sub quest # 15? It’s the only one I couldn’t complete. I searched the entire town and couldn’t find him. Is in the post content to find it?

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    Yes, #15 and subsequent are all in the post-game.

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    Anybody know the entire gambit list is and where to find them all?

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