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    Well, the stuff in storehouses was incredibly boring in this game.

    Shinonome Village

    Barrel Magatama

    Curse Stone +25

    Strength Jewel

    Ultra Flask x2

    Akatsuki Town

    Skill Jewel

    Mystery Jug

    Fickle Charm (Abnormal Status on normal attack x1.5)

    Crystal Card (2 slots, WEP 78, halves EP use on magic, STR/INT +8%)

    Reimei Town

    Speed Jewel

    Mind Balm (L)

    Light Loincloth (ARM 20, VIT +12%, light-based magic damage +20%)

    Skill/Magic Stone +20

    Asamadaki Village

    Maid Coins x600

    Reviving Balm (L) x5

    Boulder Magatama

    Mixing Board (Scoop, 2 slots, WEP 79, STR/INT +8%, Normal attacks on 2×2 area)

    Hakubo Village

    Vitality Jewel

    Ultimate Flask

    Shadow Loincloth (ARM 20, VIT +12%, shadow-based magic damage +20%)

    Elemental Charm (unlocks all elements, EP use x1.5)

    Tasogare Town

    Energy Pouch (L) x4

    Healing Pouch (X) x4

    Blitz Stone +6

    Enigma Blade (2 slots, WEP 80, STR/INT +8%, Normal attack may steal drop items)

    Shinmei Village

    Void Loincloth (ARM 20, VIT +12%, void-based magic damage +20%)

    Paralysis Stone +25

    Exquisite Flask

    Gold Nugget x4 (valued at 25k each)

    Hakuya Town

    Moonlight Shuriken (2 slots, WEP 78, STR/INT +8%, Damage dealt +50% at max HP)

    Almighty Charm (STR/VIT/INT/SPD/HP/EP +5%)

    Money Chest x5

    EXP Chest x5

    The four jewels (at Shinonome, Akatsuki, Reimei and Hakubo Villages) were the only thing imo worthy taking from storehouses.

    Better save the shards for other stuff on the IAP shop.

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    1 more storehouse on post game.

    Eques City (need atleast Main Quest 108 where you go Kitakaze Palace)
    1 Ultimate Flask
    1 Exquisite Flask
    1 SP Recovery +50 Stone
    1 Mythic Charm (STR INT VIT SPD HP EP 10%)

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