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    So anyone have any idea how to grind metal enemies in this game? In other games, I had items that could grant pre-emptive battles and multihit. But can’t seem to find pre-emptive stuff in this game?


    Any ideas?


    Hello, and welcome to the forums!


    Sorry for the late reply. You know. Real life.


    First – I only saw Metal enemies on metal islands. Therefore, no metal attract items 🙁

    Second – There’s Attack All Stone, insertable on weapons which cause 50% chance that normal attacks hit all.

    Third – Shiranui’s “Vanish” gambit increase preemptive rate in 10%. Speed Jewel also raise it in 2%.


    I hope this helps!


    In addition to the points made by Jesusalva, there are several skills that give multiple hits.  Also:

    Shiki’s skill Iron Sledge :2×2 space critical rate 33% up for metal enemies over normal attacks
    Sakura’s  Marble Scoop weapon: critical hits for metal-class monsters 20% up

    Older, but not wiser


    So my current setup is 2x crit+50 ( as an aside I feel I understand farmers better now what with the prayers for a bountiful harvest)

    The good thing is that with this setup as long as I can get a turn off any multihit-all skill guarantees multiple overkills. Now if only we had pre-emp 100 in this game….

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