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    REWARD depends on difficulty

    EASY – Bronze Medal increases the number of flasks & jugs that can be harvest by 1

    NORMAL – Silver Medal increases the amount of SP restored each turn by 100

    HARD – Gold Medal increases the rate of triggering blitz offensives by 5%

    EXPERT – Platinum Medal it causes the party to find 10 DIVINE  SHARDS after battle.

    •  if you want to fight MAIDAME CURIE  again here’s the reward

    EASY – Forgestone (L) x10

    NORMAL – Maid’s Pouch x10

    HARD – Ultimate Jug x10

    EXPERT – Exquisite Jug x10







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    Quick addition: The Platinum Medal yields not only 10, but a whole 50 Divine Shards after (every 10th) battle in the game’s PC/Steam version.

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