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    Heyho guys,

    can anyone tell me the exact requirements for the different endings? I see there are 11 endings. At the moment i guess it’s 1 normal ending + 4 endings with at least 85 trust for a specific party member + 1 true ending and 4 true endings with 100% for a specific ending + 1 ultimate ending for having 100% with each member like in the other Asdivne games before.


    Is my assuming correct or is there a different trust value this time? Thanks in advance! <3

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    Okay, i figured out all the requirements myself. ;P

    It’s 90 instead of 85 for each character based normal ending. 100 trust with each character alone didn’t give me the very best ending, i also had to complete all party member side quest. Beside of that there are no major changes.

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