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    • Energy Concentration – EP consumption for magic is reduced by 20%.  (Story)
    • Composure – SPD 5% up. (Yamabuki Sanctuary, speak to NPC)
    • Divine Providence – All allies except self: Chance of abnormal status 15% down.  (Utsushi Peak – North, treasure chest)
    • Total Command – Chance ally will do additional attack when attacking with normal attack 40% up. (Last Eden, treasure chest)
    • Neutralizing Stance – Damage dealt 10% up. (Defeat Holy Beast, Suzaku (post-game, signpost))


    • Heaped High – The more enemies alive, the more damage dealt increases. (4% per enemy) (Starting gambit)
    • Focal Point – Damage dealt 12% up for skills/magic targeting a single enemy. (Subquest 4 (Reimei Town))
    • Unusual Type – Damage dealt 50% up for mutant or deviant monsters.  (Koto Sanctuary, treasure chest)
    • Pure & Upright – Chance of abnormal status 50% down. (Last Eden, treasure chest)
    • Bottomless Pit – Restores 20% each turn by continuously snacking on others’ food. (Defeat Holy Beast, Genbu (post-game, signpost))


    • Face Off  – SP consumption for skills reduced by 20%. (Starting gambit)
    • Safeguard – Damage received 20% down. (Subquest 6 (Asamadaki Village))
    • Complete Disregard – Damage dealt from normal attacks 200% up, but chance of missing 60% up. (Hakuya Town, treasure chest)
    • Clear Mind – Critical hit rate 10% up. (Last Eden, treasure chest)
    • Unreserved Damage – dealt x2 for first turn. (Defeat Holy Beast, Seiryu (post-game, signpost))


    • Vanish – Caught off guard & preemptive strike rate 10% up. Starting gambit
    • Swipe – Steal rate for rare items from enemies using Mug slightly up. (Subquest 8 (Tasogare Town))
    • Caltrop – 15% of damage from enemy normal attacks and skills returned on enemy.  (Kami Tower, treasure chest)
    • Sprint – Instantly moves to turn at start of battle. (Last Eden, treasure chest)
    • Sharpen – Skill damage dealt 15% up. (Defeat Holy Beast, Byakko (post-game, signpost))
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    Not sure if the Beasts’ names appear as that in the game, but two of them are wrong. It’s “Seiryuu” instead of “Seryu” (though indeed that “i” is not read) and Genbu (pronounced as Gembu) instead of Gerbu.

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    Sorry, I blame bifocals. They should make a large font version for us senior citizens. 😛  Anywho, I loaded the game, got in some good light, and actually paid attention to what I was doing. Should be fixed now (the in-game monster guide has Seiryu with just one “u”.)

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    Originally in Japanese it’s with two “u”, and the second “u” means a long sound. Same as that “i” in Seiryuu that means long “e” – “Seeryuu”. Though often long sounds are omitted when translated to English, and that’s why it’s just a single “u” (and quite often “ou” is also shortened just to “o”).



    For the record; You can do signposts before postgame if your team is OP enough…

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    I can’t find Total command or Sprint anywhere how do I find them? And what way do you go from when you first enter last endem? Please good details on the right way to find them about to chuck my table through the window. Spent 4 hours trying to find them.

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