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    Rina Cascade

    Is there someone here who have the Stella Magatama? If so, can you please share its info with me? (Skills and Arts) I’m kinda tired of grinding Divine Shards and since I already completed and maxed out everything in this game, I want to know at least Stella’s infos. (I have Zack Magatama)


    Also, according to this game, this is an alternate-sequel to the three previous Asdivine games and hinted that…


    Harvey still becomes a Spirit Deity (Creation Deity in his game) which is somewhat depressing if you know the story of the game.



    im kinda busy but I can only give you info about magatama ( hoping I got all ) .. soon i will post here together with their skills and arts.. and IDK here if i can upload all picture but here zack ..

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    This might be late but you can get Festival Stella Magatama from farming.

    Farm (and or synthesize) Power / Energy stone to Endure stone then to Hermit Stone

    Hermit Stone have 15% chance turn into Festival Stella Magatama

    It takes time but you dont need to brainlessly grind divine shard then hoping to land 1,75% jackpot

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    Just a piece of additional information since I just played the game again and got both Zack and Stella Magatama, you simply just need to farm it.

    As said before, farm Endurance Stone and get a Hermit Stone, farm it and get Stella Magatama then try to get another one. (You can actually get more than one Stella Magatama and I believe every other Magatama through farming)

    If you get two Stella Magatama, farm the other one to get Zack Magatama (it has a 50% success rate) so your chance of getting Zack from farming Stella Magatama is quite significant.



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