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    Haven’t found much info, so I just put mine. Kindly let me know about yours if you wish. Below have no spoiler on the story (but may have for some weapon and item info).

    I know one can easily beat her by farming ultra jug from the garden and using Life Sphere. Below might save some of your time:

    Pattern: Assail, Reverse

    For Easy and Normal, simply using transform should be able to withstand attack. Use Shiranui with “Gambit: Sprint” and “Chick/Gateway Magatama” if Curie eliminates the team before move.

    Then used all Jugs on one character. It is probably the best to choose Shiranui (I dislike her) due to the Sprint Gambit. Whoever you chosed (Shiki for myself), we called this character the Ace. Choose “Sacrifice Charm” and other damage/attribute boosting equipment/stone you have. The other characters can be ignored (can equip like alarm katana and element robe to distract attack).

    For Difficult,Β  the Ace character needs about each 4-5k attribute with equiment (level 999 already got 2-3k raw). Use Shiranui+Gateway to save your Ace or simply transform and attack if the Ace is Shiranui. About 3 rounds with “All Vanity/Lamenting Casket” to win. My “All Vanity” use was 1000 and it took me two rounds without critical hit. You can consider about the Maid Series weapon if cannot finish within 3 rounds.

    For Expert, attribute to 6k with same strategy. The 6k is to let the Ace suvive till turn, so can be lower if the Ace is Shiranui. Then transform and win.

    FYI, My Shiki was LV999, STR5731 VIT6676 INT 6308 SPD6121. Succeed on second try. First round transform+Heal, second and third “All Vanity”, no Life Sphere. Now I will go and tear apart Zaddes and enjoy the post-game.

    BTW, Blitz offensive in Curie fight is possible but at very low rate. Better ignore related equipment.



    Level up: go to metal island. Shiranui with full critical stone and Sprint. I got 400+ to 800+ in 10 mins w/o Exp Orbs (Hint: adjust difficulty according to your level).

    Weapon level: use new weapon to eat high level weapon. Like, make one bronze weapon to about +100 (to save time). Use a bronze weapon to eat it and repeat. It somehow only takes 5-6 weapon from level 200 to 500+. Basically you only need two +650 level to level max the weapon you want. However, I would say weapon level is not a matter.

    Skill use: I got 3 use orbs at the beginning but turned out unnecessary . The easiest way is to not grinding any skills but Lamenting Casket (Dark LV99) of Shiranui. Do not equip void/light/element charms and go for auto.

    Garden: Tho I have got them, you can even got Happi Jacket and Bathing Apparel from garden (start from Elemental/Occult series for the cheap choice). Also,Β  Power Stone-Endurance Stone-Hermit Stone then Festival Stella.


    Yes, Orbs. I am an old fan of Asdivine. Out of game for 2 years and notice this Kamura. Very Japanese-style and lovely. Characters even pause shortly (take off shoes I believe) before moving to tatami. Also love the encouter rate setting.

    Kindly support the developer if you like the Asdivine. See you guys.










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    Add on:

    Just obtained Festival Stella Magatama (start from energy/power stone) from the garden. Art effect “All: boost all parameters and move to turns”.

    So Shiranui+Sprint+Stella Magatama Art = all members can surely transform. So you can simply beat Curies at any difficulty without grinding levels, Jugs, and skill use.


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    My way was grinding metal monsters and after level 800Β  I think I go and battle madame curry at the arena (the underground one), spam Ultimate Jugs and Exquisite jugs on Shiki raised his Att, Vit, Int up to 9999 use transform Maidame Magatama with All Vanity and it’s just a breeze even at expert level.



    I know this might be a dumb question but how do I get access to the fighting arena in the basement of the Madame Curie fighting arena building please?

    I’ve cleared all of the above ground arena levels, am at lvl. 999 on all characters, my weapons are fully refined and I’ve also completed the optional sidequest to find Donald Trump and beat him half unconscious using a 15 inch rubber male reproductive organ, up the bum smuggled over the Mexican border by a same-sex married couple of Democrat voting illegal aliens, but I still face a shiny door and am told to come back later.

    Please help.



    As in most Exe Create games, you need to see the normal ending first. After doing that, you can save and then load a “plus” file that lets you access the true ending route and all remaining optional content.


    Thank you for that. I’ve played easily upwards of 20+ Kemco games on my phone’s over the years and definitely most, if not all, of the Asdivine saga of games but I just couldn’t remember how the arena unlocked.


    (I make no excuse for not remembering but I spent a little time recently in hospital in a coma after some trauma and I am still not 100% memory wise. Anyhow, thanks again.)

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