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    Hello everyone. I just wanted to see your thoughts and opinions about this latest Asdivine.  I like it more than the earlier ones. I’ve played every game up to this point. And as many of us have, made all the “endgame content”

    What this Asdivine does better:

    * It’s easier to understand how to upgrade your weapon, and how to add “stones into them”. Earlier games had no stones, they just made you found a weapon with stun, and then you got 100 of them and enchanted it into your weapon to get maybe 5 more stun. It was just a mess. And once you got 80% stone, you found a bease weapon with 300 more dmg…hehe. Ok YOU ALL HAVE BEEN THERE!


    • Farm: Not sure if I love or hate this feature. Ok, you socket a +15% crit stone, it can become a 25% stone. That 25% stone can become a 50% stone. It just feels like AFK-cheesing to me. Now get 2x 50% crit and 2x 50% dmg stones and we’re set. Poison, Curse etc always suck anyway against super enemies
    • Story: Very nice on this one! Way to to KEMCO! Best so far I think.

    * During story mode: You get obstacles you can’t unlock because their reputation is too low. But once you get into arena, e.g Bronze league you can easilly farm rep to 100. And when you check these areas again, you get items not even worth vendoring… That is a waste of time 🙂

    Overall, very good game I think.
    Miden Tower after this one I guess.

    I hate everyone equally.
    No segregation.

    Just me and my world of enemies.

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    Both Kamura and Miden have same biggest cons. You need to use skill 1000x (250x with IAP boost) each skill on each character to max it.

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    I love the change in looks. Put on the inferno garb……boom….vampires.

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