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    I got about halfway through the game, and now I can’t move an inch without getting attacked. I have reloaded, warped to a town, and came out, but I still can’t go anywhere without getting attacked continuously. I re-installed the game, but it still does the same.

    Just wanted to let somebody know about the error.


    I haven’t played Asdivine Kamura, but Exe-Create games often have some equippable item or menu option to force encounters with every step. I recommend checking your party’s equipment and the game’s menus to make sure you haven’t turned “every step” on for encounters somehow.

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    Victar is right. As I already wrote on Steam, the thread creator probably bought (from the in-game premium shop) and equipped the Step-by-Step Clogs (armor). I can’t think of any other way to trigger random encounters every step in this game.


    No, I haven’t equipped that device. I was just leveling up and it stated all at once. I may just have to start a new game and see if it happens again. Thank you.

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