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    So I finished the Asdivine Cross, and now I’m playing the Asdivine Menace.

    This seems to be a direct continuation of the Asdivine Dios. One day Izayoi meets a random girl that is in an urgent need of help… and fights her. She then joins him, and them meet the Dios’ harem. Izayoi still remembers Odium and his friend, and even one day tells that girl the story about him, what happened in the past and even how spirits are born to this world. They meet the old harem and a new entity appears. She seems to be a deity or something. At the very least she looks more glorious than Izayoi and his both gangs. She tells them that they should start visiting other worlds, and when they are about to enter one of them, they’re attacked by some young boy. After they managed to escape, we see the gothic lolita woman whom we saw at the end of the Asdivine Dios.

    And this is where so far I am in the plot. A new girl joined me, she seems to be the goddess of this world, or at the very least a knowledgeable person. And she has a really cool name (“Litania”, in English it is “Litany”).

    The game so far is exactly the same as the Dios. But considering that it is a sequel, then it is no surprise. The mugshots of the first girl are kinda… I don’t like Xs instead of the eyes. But in the Cross it was all the same, so since I survived that game, I will survive the Menace too. The sad thing is that the previous harem doesn’t have mugshots anymore. It’s sad because they were the best ones, and I quite a lot loved those characters (but Minerva…). At least I hope we will see Ventus again…

    Improvements? So far I saw only that Gold, XP and SP ups I saw in the Cross too that are added to a weapon. Looks like the Menace has its own icon too that increases the % chances of Breaks occurings.

    The map of the first world. It looks like it is an underwater world.

    The Icon for Breaks.

    How the underwater world loks like.

    Looks like we will have someone who uses moomies as a weapon… (in the prologue Iris throws a moomie at Izayoi’s face too xD).


    From the screens the game looks exactly like Asdivine Dios. Figures. When did Kemco started Milking Money from old assets lol.

    Anyways new characters and a new harem, but I really Do hope that the Plot and Gameplay are on par with Asdivine Dios and that There is Post Game Content aswell.

    Anyways Lets wait for the English version of the game.

    And like before thanks for the useful information regarding the game.


    Every Kemco game has a post story content, so I’m pretty sure this one has too. Here is a walkthrough of Menace:

    EDIT: Weird. I provided a link to the playlist, and it shows only the first video. Hmm…

    The video #14 is a normal end.

    About milking things… this one is a direct sequel, I wouldn’t want it to look differently ;). But somehow I think in a way this is a good thing. Provived one actually liked the old assets and wants to see them again ;). And I for sure wouldn’t mind if Kemco did a crossover game and would include characters from the other games like Yusis from the Kreisia or Enah from Alphadia. Would You still call that a “Milking Money from old assets” ? =P


    Okay You Got me there, but even if they do make a crossover, which they can obviously make( but it would be cool aswell ) they would still have to make the sprites for yusis and well Enah to look on par with Asdivine series. That wouldnt be milking since they would have to remake those specific characters over again. I was saying that, a little a different thing would do good. Like what Hit Point does, and what EXE-CREATE use to do before Asdivine. But then again, it isnt all that bad, and Cross Does Indeed Look Different then Dios and Menace.


    But the game then would look so naturally if they would use the old sprites ;).

    I forgot to mention that in both the Cross and Menace the values for weapon crafting have been lowered, and now each 5 points give +1 to the ability (it was +1 per 10 points), and also now we can transfer an effect without needing to have 50% but (from what I remember) 30%.

    Look at Izayoi’s new hairstyle ;).

    I forgot mentioning this, but in this game we can level up our skills. They deal extra damage each time they level up, and they level up when we’re using them. We must use them a certain amount of times specified by the number to level it up. Thankfully, when we have breaks, the skills used druing them do count as used.


    Well now thats interesting. They added some features from Kresia Aswell.

    Izayoi Having Streaks of Purple Hair. He looks much better, now that I see it.

    Good thing they reduced the 50% Effect Needed to Transfer. It was irritating To get the desired weapon one wants. 30% Seems a lot better than 50% if you ask me.


    True, true, the lowered values are really great, though I think the best thing is that now each 5 points increase the stats, so we can quicker create our ultimate weapons.

    Speaking of which, what’s Your recipe for the ultimate weapon?

    For me it always was Strength + Critical. One had “add paralysis”, and usually HP regen. The magic users had both Strength and Int ups.

    And yeah, this new Izayoi looks much better. Too bad Maidame Curie didn’t change at all. In the Cross from the other hand she looks incredible. What did You meant by that they added a feature from Kreisia?

    BTW, this is what killed me today:

    And their conversation:

    Girl: Papa!
    Izayoi: !?
    Girl: Papa!
    Izayoi: I’m Izayoi.
    Girl: Papa!
    Izayoi: (No), I’m Izayoi.
    Girl: I’m Norun. So this is Latona…. Litania….. Papa!!



    My ultimate weapon was more of Critical+Strength+HP Regen+MP Regen

    My Muramasa Has:
    Critical+ATK Up+HP Regen+SPD up(since Muramasa decreases SPD by10 or 20% and SPD up increases it by 20 it negates the effect.)

    By Kresia I meant that the level up type feature of the levels. But now that I remember your weapons get leveled up along with your Skill. I think it was infinite Dunamis that introduced this feature.

    Okay That also made me laugh lol. Kemco has a really good humor. I remembered that what if Freya Was there ( lol ). Now that I remember in Asdivine Dios that there was a sprite who called Izayoi Papa! Aswell. XD

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