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    Orio De Gato

    This guide is only for players who can play Expert mode. ( if you want challenge yourself c: )

    First, you need the “Experience Ring” and the “Encounter Ring” if possible
    equip your characters with “Metal Arkstone” as many as you can, once you equip
    all the following accessory go to setting and active the “Battle Shortcuts”. i suggest
    all the character’s level are above 100 or so. The monster have to be weaker than you
    or this method won’t work.

    To obtain 9999 parameters, you need to defeat “Maidame Curie” (if you can c: ) as many times as possible
    some players may already know that the 1st reward of defeating Maidame Curie is “Winged Moomie Suit”
    2nd is “99 Ability Seed” and “99 Life Seed”

    you can see the image from below the result.

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