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    There’s 4 Signpost of legendary weapon
    1 in each world
    Gather 4 of legendary weapon and a Deity of ~ shall descend to meet you





    MSG Commander

    Okay, I just finished all 4 sign posts, and the voice of *cough cough* says now you should be able to handle anything. Including the last dungeon.

    Has anyone figured out for sure what the “last dungeon” refers to? It is the one that no one can get into?

    EDIT: I also added a page to the Walkthrough section, with the maps and info on Bosses and weapons.

    All your base are


    If im not mistaken legendary weapon quest was given after we reach mt ramuh right?
    I think the last dungeon mean the place where we fight nemesis for true ending

    Legendary weapon was for that

    Maid weapon just bonus because its not in story

    MSG Commander

    Yeah Maidame Curie gives the info about legendary weapons on Mount Ramah, so you’re probably right that “last dungeon” just means where we fight Nemesis.

    All your base are

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