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    Finished the game with the true ending now. This game…… Was….good….. Really good. Not the quality of Asdivine Hearts but almost on Par. Everything which Dios Lacked was Filled in by Menace. All Plot holes that I found in Dios where eventually filled up by Menace( Except for one plothole ). A really WellΒ executed game.

    Okay On wards and upwards to find the legendary fighter from kresia. Where was he again Nemomon?


    What plothole? And also I think I found a cameo of felix

    MSG Commander

    And also I think I found a cameo of felix

    Are you talking about when Felix shows up in the background in random encounters? That happens in Dios also.

    All your base are


    Plothole I.e Adusk.


    Adusk indeed is a plot hole. In the Dios Adusk appears near the Yggdrasil, and in the Menace Odium runs away from the tree upon gaining the sword (so Adusk does not appear here while he should). But at least Izayoi mentions that there were a guy that looked exactly like him.

    EDIT: And the Legendary fighter from the Secet Battle Arena?

    Speaking of Kreisia, there always was one thing that looked kind of odd to me – what exactly the picture on the menu shows? It shows characters that do not appear in the game…


    Bingo, Nemo Got It Right.

    You Mentioned Someone as Legendary Fighter From Kreisia, in the Asdivine Menace Secrets Thread. So I was Asking Where Can I Find Him.

    Weren’t they Just Random People of Different Species?


    The Legendary Fighter from Kreisia was the ultuimate boss in the secret arena and it was a nightmare to kill it. Especially that we had to kill him multiple times to get all of stuff from him…

    Usually the title screen shows characters from the game, and not some random characters.

    But this one feels like it would be from another game…

    BTW, funny bug:


    Yeah I Remember Beating Him. He was hard. Way to hard.

    Also now that you mention it, on closerΒ inspection, the Boy and Girl Look Human( Not The Green Haired People Like Anemos, the Kids have different Hair Color Here ). Maybe it was from another game or was it a scrapped version. Who knows?

    That Moment When the Game has Awesome Glitches.


    Maybe it was from a Maidland, a realm from where Maidame Curie comes ;). After all we can see three maids on that screen ;).


    Maids. Kemco and Maids lol.
    Other than that, I think all games after Hearts, At least Had One OP Maid lol.

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