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    I’ve lurked these forums the past couple days and some have mentioned getting a flying vehicle of sorts after beating the game. I have beaten the game, only once, and did the whole save to get the diamond icon on that file, but I do not know where the post game is. I have gone to the forgotten village after loading that save up, but to no avail. what am I missing? where does the postgame actually start?


    You get the Flying Digiromo in Asdivine after Beating Nemesis Again. After Beating Her You will get two options:

    1) I will not
    2) Let’s Get to know each other

    Choosing the Second option will give you a true ending route ( Which is like extra 5 Hours ). During this route story you will get the Digiromo.


    wow, now I gotta walk all the way back through the last dungeon πŸ˜†

    thanks for the quick replay.


    Yeah, beating her again is important. Again, choosing the first option will yield the previous ending, so don’t touch that option.

    No Prob; Happy to Help.

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