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    The Spiritual Successor aswell as the Sequel to Asdivine Dios, Asdivine Dios was Released in 2015 In Japan, and in 2016 Globally By Kemco and Exe-Create Game. This game is vastly better than its predecessor in both story and gameplay, and is thus a fulfilling game, having a good amount of Bonus Content and almost all plotholes of this predecessor fill in this game.


    The Plot is good. Its not that complicated and neither is to cliched, though if you like a good amount of Romance, than the game is for you, since Menace Does Lean on the Romance Side more than its predecessors.

    The Plot is the Continuation of Dios, however almost a Century is Passed Since Dios and Menace and Most of the Old Human Character, now old are present. Cast from Dios can also be seen in the game, though not playable, signify that you should play Dios before going through this game.

    Its not over the place and almost all of the times, you will find it is lacking something ( Though That Maybe just me ). Other than that the game has no Plotholes in itself but does fail to fill in all but one plot hole of Dios, which like always will not discuss here. Ask About it in the Forums and I Will Gladly Tell you.

    This Time Around Though, instead of Asdivine, you travel to 4 different worlds, which are also ruled over by there respective deities and all are friends of Izayoi, in which case the new companions are also from these worlds aswell.

    I Dont Want to Ruin The Plot, but its good.

    Plot Score: 6.5/10


    Okay I Will Be Blunt Here. All Characters Except Izayoi are Likable. The Protagonist always ruins the game for me. What makes it worse is that Even the characters from the game call him a Wimp and Wuss of Deity which most of the time is funny, always fails to bring Izayoi into the spotlight no matter how cool they showed him later in the game, always look and felt like a literal Wimp. Period.

    Other Characters like Litany, Latona and Noelle were memorable and there conversations with the Protagonist was also well thought and sometimes downright hilarious, each having there own amount of innuendos to present, but they are too prominent to worry about

    Characters Score: 7/10 Minus Izayoi lol


    The Gameplay is indeed a step forward, but at the same time a step backwards. The Field Gameplay is the same like in most Exe-Create Games, and most of the times the game is quite easy. However this time around your skills level up along with you. They level up with how much you use them in the battles and each time around when they level they learn new effects which are Downright Cool, Awesome and Devastating.

    The Step Backwards Is that Unison dont have break unisons anymore, and thats a huge minus and did felt empty without them. Most of the Times, Your Skills get so powerful, you forget about magic all around and most of the time players dont even bother with unisons, which is a huge steps backwards. Other than that the gameplay, is mostly the same as in Dios.


    Extra Content:

    It has a good amount of extra content, that can hook you upto days.

    Extra Content Score : 8/10


    None Actually. You Wont have the urge to play it again.

    Replayability: 2/10


    A Good Game, with some omission of awesome features which should have been there

    Overall Score: 7/10

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    All your base are


    I have now fulfilled some of my quota lol. Let’s see what others think now.

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