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    Since There are so many Topics in Asdivine Menace, There might be hardships found by some people to find There Relevant Posts in The Section. So This Just The Compilation of Links to the Relevant Articles of Information Regarding Various Things in the Game.

    Please Note:If Any of these Articles Help you, so please Rate them a Karma Up and Some Thank You’s.
    Also Be Sure to Read All Pages On These Articles. There Also Relevant Information on the other pages aswell.

    Regarding Weapons:

    Weapons Upgrade

    Farming Exp Etc
    Farming Weapons
    Cheesy Level up Guide

    On Seeds
    On Welcome Arkstone

    For Monsters:
    Metal Monsters

    Boss Guides:
    Bonus Bosses

    Signposts Locations

    All Location Maps

    Dungeon Maps:
    Check the Location Walkthrough for pages with a “Map” tab. Click on the tab to see a map and a list of all treasure in that dungeon.

    Example: Folia Woods

    Location Walkthrough
    By Me
    By MSGCommander


    When i clicked farming exp etc it goes to upgrading weapon

    Btw what does this karma up and thank you for?


    Thanks For Telling Me That Fixing That Now Lol.

    Also By Thank You’s, this Means How Many People Were Helped By the Certain Post.
    Karma is uh…. Tells How This Persons Reaction is Towards Others.



    :pinch: is it bad?
    Googling karma mean


    No Not Really.
    Basically Means, What You Do to others, comes backs to you.

    For E.g
    If You Help Someone when they need it most, You Will Be Given Help When You’re in need.
    If You Dont Help someone or if properly defined, give them bad treatment ( Like Abuse them ), then the same will happen to you with the passage of time.

    You Might Have Heard ” Karma Always Strikes Back ” Or Something Similar in your own language. There are a Variety of Slang’s to this Context as well.

    But Here it Doesnt Matter Much So its Good. Or Does It? >_>
    So Yeah Thats the gist of it.

    MSG Commander

    Basically here, I think the Karma thing is just a way of showing that person’s posts have been helpful or informative.

    Like it kind of lets other people see that users trust the person’s answers, or their overall knowledge about the games.

    (I usually just click “Thank You” but sometimes I’ll click the + sign to raise someone’s Karma as well)

    Azyleo, I think creating this post is an awesome idea! Thanks for putting it together.

    P.S. In a few days or a week, I think we should delete all the replies in this thread that don’t have to deal with links to helpful topics, to help keep it clean and easy to find what you’re looking for?

    All your base are


    That looks like a plan. It would be good delete them, so that I can add any new links that are available.


    Merged My Posts, Links Updated.

    MSG Commander

    This page.

    Check the “Map” tab. This is the format I’m learning towards for Menace and Dios.

    (And for dungeons that have like 36 treasures or something crazy like that, I can break up the whole treasure list into 2, 3 or 4 columns in landscape, and have them all collapse into 1 in portrait. Oh, how I’m starting to love CSS!)

    P.S. At any time, you can delete all my posts in this thread about the maps. I just wanted to give someone a look at what I’m envisioning.

    All your base are


    ^ That Formatting Looks Slick. I say go do it

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